Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wonders in Aliceland

Will wonders never cease? Canadian mainstream news appears to have picked up the 'Russia does not buy Assad's chemical weapon use' story. I wonder if this means Canada will not be going along with the plan? Not that I think Canada will veto the plan because we don't tend to do that either, at least not in the summer. Nobody would challenge us by starting a ground war in the winter (except for the aforementioned Russia), so vetoing in the winter could happen. I digress. It isn't like Russia has no reason to suspect any new intelligence when that new intelligence could simply be an old plan that's been deleted. It's pretty evident that the U.S. Government routinely fabricates things until they are caught in the lie and have to backpedal, poorly. Maybe the plan is being changed because not enough people bought into it, which simply means that it will be re-introduced as being precisely the same but at a different date.

I am kidding myself... Canada will tag along with big brother like the good little brother it always is.

Even if Assad did use chemical weapons against his own people (most of whom aren't), I can think of far worse atrocities committed by government forces against the general population. Yet intervention is not even considered for some strange reason, no, instead we get things like this. It even appears that this all makes perfect sense to the puppets running the show.

When did I walk through the mirror? I don't even remember doing it, yet here I am in the land of backwards and nonsensical. History repeats itself, until something new happens exactly as it did the last time. Don't try to figure it out what I just said or how I chose to say it, instead, try not to forget it, because that is exactly how these monsters operate. There really is no ceiling to the level of stupid they intend to inflict on us, so we must learn to reflect not only on what is said and how it is said, but on what is not said and how it is avoided as well.

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They know what they are doing, though admittedly, some are simply doing what they are told. Look up psychopath and sociopath you begin to understand that some people don't even need any formal training to become the monsters that they are. You might also see how these two things could work well in tandem to achieve like-minded goals, at least until the psychopath (military & police) understands that the sociopath (banks, corporations, & some politicians) was actually in control, and not in any symbiotic way. You can bet the doberman turns against his master on that day.

There is a huge void between what is said and what is done where the word 'government' is involved. That so few people appear to realise this obvious fact only serves to fan the flames of my discontent.


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