Thursday, 6 June 2013

run-on sentences and other poorly labeled thoughts

I have a backlog of things, yet again. It seems that Alex Jones may have been loosing ratings. I'd toast the occasion with a scotch, but I'm flat broke, so this will have to do.

I am feeling pretty optimistic today, like maybe something good is coming, like a check in the mail, or maybe I simply realize that I am not as unemployable as this guy now appears to be. I'm thirsty... I've decided to go with tap water, because it is free... Could contain all kinds of carcinogic god knows what (thankfully it's Flouride free), but at least it isn't bank-rolling these people.

It's early June, so that means there's some kind of meeting going on, with many secret handshakes and other such gang signs bonding a bunch of scabby rich people and politicians to each other in their blood-brother-ish turf war against the rest of us. I wonder how they'll decide to screw us next? Maybe everything ends in some gratuitously stupid lawsuit, no, that hasn't worked out for the RIAA... But the police will probably be involved. Maybe they'll simply turn on skynet this year. I can't decide, so many to choose from.

One thing I can decide, is that some things simply should not be played with especially while we have no understanding of the repercussions. I have a theory for you, MySatan, you designed a life form capable of withstanding the most vile of toxic chemicals, maybe, just, maybe, the intestines of a crow are not as harsh as your miraculous Round-Up™... I am no scientist... But then I also never claimed my poison was less toxic than table salt, so I am still more credible than someone who has already been caught lying about such things. Maybe we need to be more concerned with how MySatan seems to continue to thrive... Can we spray some round up of our own?

I'm not sure if this is a joke, or does somebody simply need to up their dosage... It sounds like the ranting of a madman to me, but I'll let you be the judge. If it is serious, then I suppose Coke will try to sue Israel... Well, maybe not Israel, but some country will likely get sued because nobody would risk being called an anti-semite for doing or saying anything against Israel.

I am pretty sure I have already mentioned elsewhere, but it stands to be repeated that people have some pretty foolish ideas on how to fight piracy. Considering that the people most concerned with this 'theft of intellectual property' is 'Holywood' who have spent decades re-releasing a new version of an old movie that was based on a TV show which was based on a comic book, can we remove the word 'intellectual' from their vocabulary? Or at least have a laugh track that plays automatically every time they use the word 'intellectual'?

I know it's a mish-mash of things that don't fit, which is how these backlogs come to be... But I have now reduced it greatly and can hopefully move on to pick *a* topic in my next post.


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