Thursday, 13 June 2013

So what else is new?

Something isn't right... Everybody, and I mean everybody, and let me reiterate that I mean everybody absolutely everywhere seems to be having the same conversation, or variations of the same theme. I won't deny that it's big news that the CIA may have almost told some truth, nor that it's big news that the President of the U.S. does not officially deny everything...  Speculation about shill, traitor, or hero, speculation about real or faked documents, speculation about if this 'draconian system' has caught a terrorist yet, speculation as to how 'draconian' it actually is, speculation as to whether it's technologically feasible or not, and a whole bunch of congressmen who seem to be unaware of the programs they may or may not have approved of or have some odd or ambiguous things to say about it... Even BILDERBERG seems to be discussing it in some way. All angles are being examined on all sides... No problem, maybe this is a healthy debate which is the way an open society should work...


I am beginning to wonder if I am watching a magic act... Right now the magician has both hands open right and in front my eyes, then he suddenly slaps me in the face with his third arm. How did I miss that? And why did it smell like a rectal thermometer? Never mind, some questions are best unanswered.

Is something going on at home? There's this gem which is not much of a surprise to me, and I predict it all comes back to us after these hoodlums have declared bankruptcy, especially with this 'no sanctions' thing. Goodness knows Revenue Canada doesn't appear to know what's going on, and I mean clueless. I have no idea what they expect to find with this study... OH! Did I just read Harper and Transparency in the same sentence? Sorry, wrong, my bad... This simply wants to know who else 'energy companies' are bribing, may not be a bad idea, but disappointing considering what I thought it was going to be about... Harper won't do something, but plans to focus on doing what he won't do, until the shoe drops, but booze might be cheaper so go back to sleep ...  And the age old 'kill me' debate, this could go on for years, not that Quebec is any stranger to controversies. Nor is Montreal for that matter, because the poor wouldn't bother us so much if they just went somewhere else. Ah Montreal, the city where everything appears kosher.

So I took a fast trip around the world. Doesn't look good in Lebanese / Syrian relations, Turkey is unchanged unless this is true, Iraq is Iraq unless it's Syria. Speaking of Syria, gotta love the wacky antics of those rebelsGreece is as worse as I expected. Scotland is probably going to see a microchip / geotagging solution for this problem as even more effective. There's some weirdness going on in London. Haiti, 'nuff said. The pirate bay is now certified 100% leprechaun free. FUCK ME! How many things am I going to have left in my diet by next year?!! I appear to be down to water and Guinness until there's another water advisory!! seems to be happening in Central America. Sweden might be going places, not good places, but places. The EU appears to be considering using a shovel to get out of the massive hole they've been digging. Iran seems to be having some setbacks with it's nuclear program. China is the New U.S.A (NUSA / NASA, Tomaato / Tomahto). Japan is still sliding into the radioactive pacific. Rome is suddenly admitting to that time when it was drunk in college, or trying to alienate the 30 devout catholics remaining in the world (I can't decide which)... France! Oh, France you've rolled over and surrendered again you weakling, how can you not prove a banker raped someone, when BANKERS RAPE EVERYONE.

OK, 'police state' v 'bizarre criminal behaviours'? Secret Service visit over twitter pic, nope. Gun violence study ignores antidepressants, that it's the CDC seems odd, but nope. Gun shaped pop-tart, j'aime des pop-tarts, but nope. Some GOP rape nonsense, nope... 3.5 years for attempted murder by an ex-convict, yet I'd get 10 for hacking her facebook account... The math still fits this new normal we're in this month. Ma! Git u'r gun! Way to go Granny

How about the business world... Pharma company killing people. A bunch of people are suing Satan, not that Satan doesn't deserve it, I just hope it has a happy ending. Deceleration? As opposed to all the massive job creation that hasn't been happening for the last several years? Did I miss something? Wait... Here's an interesting one, I seem to recall them winning a bunch of tax money as punishment for losing a bet... Speaking of winning tax money on losing bets someone in gold sacks is predicting 'quite ugly days ahead'... But which part of the world isn't in recession right now? Pardon, we're in recovery you say?

I might still have missed it seeing as how I have 450 unread items... STILL! but I tire of reading



  1. Anaughty Mouser13 June 2013 at 01:49

    Greetings fellow traveller.
    Canadian ex-pat in Sweden

    1. greetings mouser,

      Just curious, which part of Canada are you from?


  2. how much time was spent eavesdropping on the Davidians before the initial
    ADL/ATF assault...on 28 Feb 93...?

    WASHINGTOON, Israeli Occupied territory on the Potomac or Tel Aviv west – Former ZOGUS SKANKSTER & ACCOMPLICE TO MASS MURDER Bill Clinton challenged the Obama administration's handling of the Zionist contrived "Syrian civil war" on Tuesday and advocated increased support of the AL QUIDA rebel forces...,7340,L-4391739,00.html

    Speaking at a closed-press event for the McCain Institute for International Leadership in Manhattan, Clinton told Senator John McCain he agrees that Zionist Porch Monkey Barack Obama should act more forcefully to support anti-Assad AL QUIDA rebels in Syria, saying the American public "elects presidents" and members of Congress.... “to see down the road” .... and “to win.”

    which kinda begs the WHAT ?

    QUESTION : Name the deity of the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    run it up on 'em sideways