Friday, 28 June 2013

monkey-wrenches in the machine don't work

The following is an email I received on October 19th 2012 regarding signing a petition:

Good news! Because of you, Big Telecom was stopped in its tracks yesterday.
The CRTC (Canada’s media/telecom authority) just blocked Bell’s takeover of Astral Media. If it hadn’t been for you speaking out, Bell and other big telecom giants would have had more power to price-gouge Canadians and restrict access to the open Internet.
We’re now taking steps to fix Canada’s broken telecom market and it’s thanks to all of you who have spoken out, donated, or joined our allies program. Give yourselves a pat on the back.
Simply put: THANK YOU
Let’s keep going,
Steve, Shea, Lindsey, and Reilly—your OpenMedia team
P.S. Seriously, our community of supporters constantly inspires us. Thanks.

I remember it well, because I posted 'sometimes the system works' to Facebook.

It's too bad it doesn't actually work, otherwise, what the hell is this? "CRTC approves Bell-Astral merger". Sure it says 'merger', but this one doesn't: "CRTC approves Bell's $3.4B acquisition of Astral Media" (CTV is owned by Bell). So, all I got out of this signing a petition was to be a brief monkey-wrench in the systems gears, followed by a bunch of unsolicited email from open media. Some prize...

Granted, I am not known for believing that any part of the system is not fundamentally broken, and I should have predicted that they'd only be slowed down for a few months. If the system is this full of shit, why should I have anything to do with it? I'd ask why anybody else still has anything to do with it, but I already know the answer to that. Every part of the system is corrupt beyond repentance, yet it continues to exist. It doesn't even provide us with jobs anymore...

For example, I wrote about this interview I went to a week ago, and how I had been accepted for candidacy (at least I got an interview) in region that would have been a major commute. So I re-applied to the same organization, but in a closer locale, (two locations, in fact) only to get an email a couple of days ago that says: "After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected.". Wow, on June 17th I was a good candidate for 'stock boy' at a soon to open American box-store (I'd say the name but that'd likely become a lawsuit where they take all the money I don't make), but by June 25th I am not... REALLY? What changed in 8 days? Did I pass my expiration date?

Well, that's all the time I have for the moment because I have to attend the memorial service for a failed pregnancy... There seem to be a lot of failed pregnancies these days...


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