Thursday, 13 June 2013

Invisible enemies and their imaginary friends

This story is just out there. Qur'an-based defence too challenging even for Muslim lawyers. I am trying to understand why the court is entertaining this idea that the Muslim holy book should be used instead of our usual laws... Oh, wait, I got it... We're feeding the image of crazy muslim terrorists to the public in a way that even the CBC will propagate the fear mongering... That sucks, the CBC is the only Canadian station that looks into the G20 police state tactics in Toronto and other stories often passed over by mainstream media, which is to say that I have some trust in their reporting as opposed to the none allocated to other stations. Not that they're perfect, but they've generally been better than those not owned by the Government which may sound odd, but is seemingly true. Of course just about every Prime Minister of recent decades has cut their funding, so other than news, they don't have much else of any worth...

I've just noticed I'm not even speaking of this man's alleged crime... I suppose it might help if I believed in the al qaeda to begin with, wouldn't it? I haven't even decided if this terror plot is real or fiction, but most turn out to be fiction in the end. Heck if it weren't for this Qur'an defence it might not even have caught my focus. It isn't like I believe that Canada is the beloved peace-keeping friendly nation that I was raised to be proud of any more, so I have no doubts that we've likely made an enemy or two in in the middle east where we tagged along like the good 'me too' little brother that we are.

I mean, with friends like these, we are bound to get noticed by those our rabble-rousing friends have picked fights with... A real terrorist attack is almost a plausible idea if I didn't think that those terrorists are more likely trying to protect their wives and children or what rubble remains of their home from the bulldozers, drone strikes, and carpet bombings of our allies. Maybe there will be someone with nothing left to lose who decided to take the fight into enemy territory. It is also possible that they were not a 'terrorist', but a farmer, or merchant, or any number of other professions before we and our friends ensured they had nothing left to lose, I wasn't there at any point, so I do not know with any certainty... I do understand, however, that when someone takes away what you love, and robs you of your livelihood while you were simply living your life and minding your own business, a certain level of rage and anger generally ensues. Rage and Anger are not the most rational of emotions, and tend to lead to rash and radical ideas.

We claim to be a pacifist nation while attempting to starve other nations with the stroke of a pen because one of our friends has been spreading rumours, which we've never confirmed to be true, but instead keep insisting just because we didn't find anything doesn't mean it wasn't there. On it's own merit, things sound like a witch hunt... But I have a funny way of remembering things, which leads me to see certain patterns emerge... Strange...

I once knew somebody, not a close friend mind you, but he'd hang out with this certain group of people whose presence I was fond of back in my teen-aged years... Anyway, this person told some really entertaining stories, real knee slappers, the only trouble was that just about every word out of his mouth was a fabrication... After realizing that this person was a pathological liar, his 'stories' were actually funnier, but, now they were funny in a different way. Yes we (the whole group) had completely stopped laughing with him, and started laughing at him...

Eventually somebody decided that the gag was up, and informed this person that we knew he was lying 90% of the time. Strangely, I never saw him again after that. He hadn't been 'banished' or even given so much as an ultimatum to attempt to stop lying... We did hear via the grapevine that 'we' were pricks and that is why he stopped hanging out with us, but I must say that being called a prick by proven a pathological liar did not hurt my feelings at all... In fact, we had one final laugh at his expense over the whole idea that somehow 'we' were in the wrong.

If a group of pimple-faced teen-agers who are not yet done high-school managed to figure out the psychology at play in this scenario (most of which were completely inconsequential untruths meant to make the liar appear more interesting, and not targeted at slandering others, especially since the largest 'doofus' in his stories, was somebody who he'd introduce us to some day when 'said friend' wasn't otherwise busy, also known as an imaginary friend), and mock the whole concept of it, why can't supposedly well-educated 'world leaders'?


note: I still haven't read much of the, now, almost 600 news items... If I've missed something earth shattering, I'll address it later.


  1. Anaughty Mouser13 June 2013 at 11:06

    How to rule the world if you are a fake Khazarian NWO jewish zionist:

    1. Get the masses addicted to nicotine.

    2. Get the masses enslaved to debt for depreciating assets i.e. cars

    3. Bribe the government to enact laws the legalise the conteerfeiting of public money and the lending out of same at interest.

    4. Control the media at every level so propaganda is perceived as news.

    5. Force the masses to buy oil and gasoline - even though Nikola Tesla invented an electric car which ran perfectly on free ether energy in 1931 called the Brooklin Eagle.

    6. Place puppets as all leaders of states USA, Canda, England, Germany, France etc.

    7. Use the armies of the controlled countries to invade and take over and destroy countries which resist a Rothschild central conterfeit usury bank Libya, Syria, Iran etc.

    8. Start a criminal country to hide your criminals and crimes.

    9. Kill everyone who will not bow down to you and your kind.

    10. Theaten to blow up the world if you don't get your way.

    1. They could add an 11th step to simplify it all:

      11. Free beer


    2. No sooner said, then I find this is my next unread news item:

      Not an exact match, on on topic

      "think money, think money"... Nothing, maybe I need to think of something that exists.