Monday, 10 June 2013

Colouring outside the lines

As I walk among the sleeping world around me realizing the horror of it all, the sheer evil genius at work which keeps everyone seemingly docile and disinterested and even silently complicit, it is not with a smug sense of superiority but with an aching sorrow. Things that have found the open air of scrutiny should have caused a mutiny but the actors have played their parts so well that today is a day just like all those that went before them.

The actors got all up in arms that the information somehow got out there, not that the information existed and for some reason everybody else seems to be paying along. Bait, and switch, hook line & sinker. Why do we fall for and follow this charade? The cold calculated truth that big brother is real should be a slap in the face to every person who has used the internet or made a phone call in the last decade, yet because it's for our safety and security against the terrorist of the week we should be angry at the one who exposed the truth.

Shoot the messenger. Then forget the message.

You've been played like the pawn you are. You are the sacrificial lamb. Now fix it before you are the one needing fixing.

How many of our (or their) elected actors are angry at the message instead of the messenger? That number is either very small or zero, yet they are the ones who are correct. Of course they might also be the same people who signed things like the patriot act without having read it, which means they simply stand corrected.

When will the realization set in that they crossed the line a long time ago and any of them unwilling to march themselves back to that line deserves no less than public execution. When will we stand together and insist that this is beyond tolerable and must therefore end immediately? When will logic prevail over the programmed reality overlaid atop our very existence? When will 'it can't happen here' become 'it did happen here, and I allowed it to happen in my ignorance!'?

When will we convert 'I could change the world' to 'I will change the world'. I don't need to answer that for myself because my mindset is way past understanding the difference between these two phrases, and I can't answer that for you because I am not you.

I was almost ready to end my writing session just now, and begin adding links, but then a funny thing happened... I was asked by a Facebook group administrator, not to post links to this blog to their group because they are too off topic... The group is to remain focused on being "Tired of getting our taxes raised while it's being mis-used." and is mostly 'French' and 'Montreal specific'...

It's true, I am not a firm believer in coloring inside the lines, but I do cover 'local bullshit' interspersed with the 'global bullshit'... For me, these things are like parasitic conjoined twins that feed off of each other at an almost even rate... The bankers without borders project is in full swing, so why should I limit my observations to the weeds in my own backyard? Especially while my neighbors backyard is wrought with dandelions?

Failing to see the connections between international events and policies to local corruption and injustices is exactly how we were led here in a single and unified brainwashed chant of "THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE". If you want an example of how that worked 'locally':

  • Toronto merged with a whole bunch of neighbouring municipalities to form the supercity known as the GTA. The people did not vote for this, they did not want to lose their municipal identity, they were not happy about how their taxes increased while services diminished, and they were then told it would cost triple to de-merge... The city is now run by someone who might be a crack-head.
  • Montreal followed this exact same path several years later citing Toronto as the shining example while failing to highlight that the majority of the (Toronto and area) population wanted nothing to do with this, similar things happened, we were not happy, our taxes went up in most places despite all promises, services were cut, and we were told demerging would be too expensive... Montreal is uncertain if it even has a mayor at present.

Does thinking locally and narrowly, show us that there is some plan being orchestrated if we don't look at Toronto? NO. If we fail to look at Toronto, one might think Quebec tried something that did not work well when in reality, Quebec followed Ontario's plan despite how poorly it was implemented. WHY? exactly... That is what you should be asking WHY follow a horrible plan that upset everybody elsewhere and couldn't even live up to the bottom line promises of things being cheaper in bulk? Now it sounds less like the plan of a moron, and more like a conspiracy of many morons, doesn't it?

Shop locally by all means, but don't let your thoughts be trapped by an invisible line drawn on a map, because that is the exact mindset that allows a global plan to be executed globally: "IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE", until it did.

Quite frankly I'm tired of the world's efforts marginalize and categorize the problem into a one size fits nobody label... What happens there, if successful, shall serve as the example of what will happen here. There is no 'one problem' and there is no 'one solution', there is no 'eye of the storm' example where every plan has already run it's course (though, Iraq seems pretty close in my opinion). This is why we look to London for closed circuit TV cameras, and the U.S. for it's fear of it's own well armed citizens, and Greece for government overspending, or Iceland for it's way of dealing with a banking crisis, or Japan for it's coverup of the worlds worst nuclear disaster, and look EVERYWHERE for internet monitoring and censorship. Because if we keep to what we're told, we should simply: hate muslims, go to church on Sunday, and buy useless crap to fill the emptiness in our hearts and souls... If we aren't happy with that status quo yet, why should we believe continuing down that path will lead anywhere better?

OK, back to the question of the hour. Should I follow instructions because I was asked nicely, not to post a link to a group? If I were posting knitting patterns to a group of sports fans instead of posting how pissed off I am that we keep accepting the new normal to a group who is pissed off about the new 'local' normal, then the request would sound far more reasonable, wouldn't it? 'Local' corruption, if completely stamped out, would just migrate elsewhere wouldn't it, and it likely came from elsewhere before deciding to take root here, didn't it? Somebody, somewhere has to be training corrupt bastards how to get away with it and even fake the appearance that we somehow enjoy it, because the behaviour seems far too polished and similar to elsewhere(s) to have happened spontaneously.

Why am I one of the few people willing to burden myself with other people's problems? Obama: not my problem, Turkey: not my problem, Fukushima: not my problem (yet), Iraq: not my problem, The twin towers: not my problem, JFK/RFK/MLK: not my problem... To be honest, sinkholes opening in the middle of busy downtown Montreal intersections are not really my problem either since I don't go there, and I don't live there... Overpasses collapsing and killing people in Laval are not my problem either, until I am one of the dead people, but then I have worse problems than the inconvenience of a traffic jam, don't I? I can even go as far as to say: Steven Harper and Pauline Marois are not my problem since I did not vote for them, they must be somebody else's problem... How far do you want me to follow this logic? My being here and now is not my problem, that blame rests squarely on my parents. My disbelief in the entire control-grid: not my problem, blame my parents and my longest known and closest friends, because they question the paradigm also (to the extent of their own comfort and willingness to peel the next layer of the onion, and endure the tears that most assuredly follow).

No. I will not choose which problems are my problems because most of them aren't actually mine anyway. I could coast through life eating Kentuky fried rat unmindful of those I had to walk over to get ahead in life while bitching about how badly my team lost in the playoffs in the endless race for a fancier car and bigger TV in compensation of the fact of what a dickless coward I am for not speaking out when I see something so vehemently evil going on just beneath the surface of everything. I simply choose not to. I will colour outside the lines if that is what is required to make my point or state my case. If that offends you, it's likely that it was meant to offend you, because those who understand how it's all connected are not offended because they understand that they are not who I am calling an idiotic zombified sub-human... In fact, those people who are not offended likely did not need to come here at all as there is little other than a different perspective that I can offer them.


I did have a bunch of links I was going to post, but I have decided that I am not your fucking secretary today. Besides, many of these links were going to be in a similar vein to my donkey porn post from yesterday... Read that if I haven't alienated you yet.


  1. Does anyone else notice how this story is much more about 'he broke the law' and 'how are we gonna git'em?' instead of about how he exposed the government doing what it's long stated it wasn't doing? How about that some are calling him "possibly" a hero, while say he has done his country harm?!

    bait and switch, dodge, and duck, bob and weave, but never actually mention WHAT HE EXPOSED in the entire 6 minutes, sure they name PRISM, and don't bother to elaborate... This cannot pass, he violated the law, why choose to hide in Hong Kong instead of Washington? Like that sounds like a good plan on how to stay alive when you know the CIA will disappear you for what you've exposed. Fucking witless banter... Next up: puppies. Fuck you CNN.

  2. so which came first...

    the chicken or the egg ?

    and what difference does it really make, when your um friends are

    ZOMBIES who worship currency printing "JEWS" who also own the media

    and provide technical support for assholes with microscopes crawling up your ass

    ZOMBIES....DRONES ....fear porn & GMO popcorn...

    run it up sideways on 'em dirtykid


    1. The chicken or egg is ultimately a leap of faith, neither can ultimately be proven beyond speculation and neither the chicken nor egg will speak to their intent on camera. I see things my own way, which means I am grateful when I am making eggs that the rooster didn't come first, and wonder, while drinking my coffee, why ancient spelling mistakes are still trying to make our lives miserable now.

  3. mega ditto's kiddo / . .

    when your not too busy maybe you could study up on becoming a proctologist..

    there's your first patient looking for a good proctologist...

    nano thermite might do the trick, or maybe magnesium & white phosphorous

    who knows you might find something more efficacious and ultimately more rewarding...

    presently odds seem to favor your dynamic approach to avoiding the

    TURDS of malevolent purpose

  4. I prefer not to lick the rectal thermometer while I can at all avoid it, and am suspect of anyone who says it tastes like chicken... It isn't so much that I don't care that something might have been stuffed up there, but that I am very concerned about who did the stuffing mostly because I am pretty sure they did not wash their hands before baking that turkey... Sometimes the why was simply so they could laugh at you as you eat their anal scrapings and smack your lips willfully asking for more with a side of cheap wine, and praying about how thankful you are to be afforded such refuse in the gold-plated false luxury of the construct.

    Very few appear to wish to gravitate towards the middle of the centrifugal force that exists between turds and tards... And I am not certain there is a dead center where dizziness and nausea are no longer a factor, but if I ever stop vomiting I will let people know.