Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the moron scale of will = way

I am not certain if this qualifies for a Darwin award, or simply the worlds stupidest criminals list, but it certainly ranks high on the moron scale of if there's a will there's a way. How can anybody think anything like this is a good idea? It simply goes to prove the point that there is not much going on between the ears of a good number of people. It's a sign of the times we live in, when the times we don't live in are shortened on account of good behaviour (I think?)... I mean, really (no seriously, really?!!), are we supposed to keep writing blank cheques payable to the exact same assholes and not catch on, it would appear to be exactly so, except that lately we aren't sure if those expected to sign the cheque can afford the ink in their pen. Maybe the cheque had to be signed in blood anyway... Sometimes I wish I was this guy, instead of being so close to becoming this guy.

We see it in the day to day goings on provided we are willing to actually look. Reality no longer looks very real from just about any angle you approach it from. The reasonings for such things are many, from media monopolies reprogramming the masses, to a failure to prevent the chameleon act, to rewriting the law to the exclusion of it's most dangerous of abusive criminals all in the name of protecting family values, protecting the children, or unlimited profits in a worthless commodity called currency. I mean, why else do we need to immunize boys for cervical cancer, and I'll assume that tax moneys pay big pharma for such decisions...

Experts claim all kinds of things, but you never really hear about the times they were wrong, which, in recent years has been whenever an expert might be speaking... I mean, how often is this ever mentioned, despite that it wasn't a real problem back when it happened? Until it was, when, really, it was the largest 'incident' ever recorded in the history of mankind. Fuck experts! They are on somebody's payroll, and as such, they are experts on: what to say, how to say it, and what not to say... END OF STORY.

Not that it's all bad news all the time, mind you, because the occasional interesting tidbit sneaks through from time to time. I mean, prison for election fraud... Oh, wait, not some real election... Never mind, back to whatever it was I was going on about. What was I going on about? Probably had little relevance, sort of the same way this math doesn't add up for me... Ah McCain you weaselly little war criminal, how did I let you slip into today's blog twice?

Speaking of which... Nutty-yahoo... (sorry, I often sneeze when I look into the sun, or smell bullshit)


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