Wednesday, 3 July 2013

transplanted talking heads

Every once in awhile I come across something that really makes my mind wander... Not to other bodies, mind you, but to the to the question as to whether this is the ticket to immortality for some future dystopia in which the Emperor of Earth lives for over a thousand years by grafting his head onto a, 18 year old clone of himself every couple of decades... I'm neither a doctor, nor scientist so I am not really certain about the semantics involved... I'll try to hope that the brain eventually gets old and dies rather than to continue to think about the horrors of being ruled by someone who's had alzheimer's for the last 600 years...

Let's move on to something a little more here and now, shall we?

If this doesn't make you think, it's possible your brain is malfunctioning.

It's a world full of sociopaths and psychotic behaviours bent on damaging each successive generation more quickly than the last. Most things point in a similar direction of downward spiral while those orchestrating things get the hell out of dodge. All these forces pushing inwards upon us cause only a few possible reactions, we could tune out with the 'it can't happen here' blissful ignorance whilst wondering how come it's so hard to breathe. We can choose to realize that things are not what they seem, and that there is a driven purpose to all of it (even when direct logic appears to fail, though, why anybody still listens to Korean POW traitor turned used condom salesman is beyond me). Or we can latch onto some of the divisive forces that find conspiracies where none exist, and point fingers at the wrong puppet-masters (I don't link to such people once I have figured out that they are mis-information agents).

The most important thing to note in any of it is those times when faked agendas converge on each other... All the buzzwords in the first sentence? Really? I can't even read this story... Another important thing to note is the 'if at first you don't succeed' adage, where a bad idea that seems to have failed is either reintroduced as the exact same bad idea or is suddenly tweaked into a newer worser idea... I don't get this last one... If I read this properly, there will be valuable money, and asswipe money, and they are supposed to both operate at the same time? Either this makes absolutely no sense, or whoever made my coffee this morning, drugged it... Wait, it's all coming back to me now, I made the coffee this morning... This can only serve to further separate the serfs from their overlords at any angle I view it from...

Many things are simply not designed to make sense, like let's send money and weapons to these guys because the enemy of my boogeyman is somehow a friend, I think... Maybe that one got lost in translation from it's original iglatinpay... Other things do begin to make sense, once you consider the parameters of vengeance that are at play. Not that it makes any sense to be outraged at certain things, because we all know that the military does not buy $20k hammers and $100k toilet seats. These things are simply put there to hide what the money is really being spent on, because chances are it's far more egregious than a diamond encrusted dildo.

I'm still undecided as to why the guilty psychotic sycophants of the world get away with such small punishments even when proven guilty... Oh my, they've lost their jobs... If they were not cops this would have meant prison, would it not? I suppose this is done to laugh at those who still don't see how the world has changed around them, and to cause those who do to vent their anger in short bursts and towards the smaller and less important targets.

Well, that's one way the world has changed

There is so much stupid which has taken aim at the fact that eventually, the truth finds its way to the surface regardless of the details and painstaken efforts to the contrary. There may be certain elements which are never truly known, like motive, or first hand accounts as these things sometimes die with the people who were there at the time. But does motive really matter if the truth reveals that the order to kill thousands, if not millions, had been based on lies and fabrications? I'd say it only serves to try and shift blame to ignorance of fact which is an unacceptable pulpit in an age of information.


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