Thursday, 4 July 2013

have a nice day†

The amazing legal caveats of not owning your data has started to cause a backlash against cloud services... I did see this one coming, though I did not foresee it's catalyst. Whatever the cause, the effect might mean I get a job soon... But like anything I've ever said, we'll see. Some of this hinges on how things are interpreted locally, and whether or not Montreal companies feel naked with all the recent spying and other breaches of privacy. There have been other developments in the technology space, I'd cut up my Visa or Master Card in protest, if I were owned by either such thing.

It may come to zero net change in the end, because it may not be getting the greatest mainstream coverage here. With all the media sources I follow, I lose track (make up your damned mind! First it was the gays, now it's women in pantsuits… and hats? 'evil satan worship hats', oh and boobs) of what is or isn't reported in mainstream sources, unless I see a story end run around the truth, but, apparently freedom of the press (or lack thereof), does not get into even the alternative mainstream press.

And now a word from our sponsor 'Virgin Air' "Hope you weren't hungry". Even if you were hungry, this might be all that's left... But while I'm speaking of virgins, or, even if I wasn't, I'm just going to put this here.

Happy phreedom day 'murika

I really need to get into the financial consultancy business. It seems like the work is pretty straightforward, and the pay's pretty awesome... Is this bank good or bad? Trick question: they're all bad! Thank you, now make all cheques payable to dirtykid© and make them not be cheques but an overstuffed suitcase of money that doesn't fit in the overhead compartment, and 'have a nice day'†

translation from it's original hebrew: go fuck yourself

What recourse is there against those who are already financial consultants, or banks in general? Calling the police? That doesn't sound very prudent these days... They'd probably just shoot my dog... I don't even have a dog, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't go to the trouble of bringing a dog with them, does it? I suppose there are other ways to deal with things, some of them even seem pretty effective.

Well... I seem to have run out of things to say, or maybe I've been rendered speechless by one of the many things I've read, either way. -- Adieu for now


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