Monday, 8 July 2013

Burning down the avenue at a leisurely stroll

There are certain things I really enjoy about where I live. I can have whole conversations where neither party utters a single word in the other party's native tongue, and neither party really gives this much thought. Bilingual panhandlers are not uncommon (think about that one for a second)... Walking the crowded sunlight summer streets of downtown, you encounter just about every race, creed, culture, and even language in just a few minutes... You'd hardly believe the politics of a language war had been ongoing for almost half a century aside from the occasional douchebag.

The cultural melting pot I live in has some of the most incredible food in North America, and is seemingly kicking out many of the U.S. franchise operations like KFC, pizza hut, and Dunkin' Donuts. We've never had an Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Chilli's, Denny's, or Lone Star that I can recall, even others like Outback, Montanta's, and Kelsey's (In fact after investigating, all of this company's brands are slowly fading away in Montreal... Harvey's is the only thing left, and they are few and far between...) are also known to have opened and closed their doors rather quickly. The jury's still out on Boston Pizza, but I did see one close less than a year after opening.

You almost miss the condition of the world when walk around out here... But then, there's no Walmart in the area I am walking in... No, all those closed Blockbuster stores have been painted over already. I won't directly blame them for the closure of all the other video rental stores we used to have before they got here, because who knows if they'd have survived had Blockbuster never crossed the border to begin with...

I doubt piracy is the sole owner of that blame either... Honestly, I used to download pirated media on occasion, until, I simply stopped. Quit that cold turkey, and now I have no idea what's in the theatres, or on television... Sometimes, I will even buy one of the classics on DVD, or a box set of a show I used to watch years ago. So, maybe, not caring if I am inactively being entertained while being seduced with products I don't presently have on my person has spread like a virus through humanity... Or maybe it's the simple fact that anything current is absolute garbage, and aspires to be even more wretched than the preceding garbage. It's all POOP!

No, our culture remains distinct even amid all the other goings on and all political attempts to sabotage and destroy that harmony we seem to have with each other... Though, maybe I just happened to be out on one if this cities good days...

I know there's a place not far from here that's been having a bad day...Again, apparently.

Actually, worse than this... Though, Somebody likely needs to get fired for this

But that's starting to get, well, not really better, but less hectic?, if not blamed on terrorists and street toughs. I think blame needs to go further up the food chain personally, but we'd never pull a China, would we? Well, at least we don't rape our victims, yet. But, seriously, I am beginning to doubt that rail is the safest method of travel?

It seems Canada is having a chemical spill/evacuation epidemic this July, though with figures like these, I am hardly surprised... Maybe we're supposed to be getting distracted from this, which is still being investigated by these guys...


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