Monday, 15 July 2013

the race riot has been postponed until next hockey season

Well, Zimmerman has managed to escape punishment. So of course this means that Youtube has filled up with Vancouver hockey riot videos:

Makes perfect sense, except in the longer videos, he says 'Seymour and Georgia'. Trolls!

This makes it somewhat difficult to find any real coverage when such things are labelled 'chaos and riots after zimmerman found not guilty'... I am not sure when the U.S. forgot how to make Chaos or Riots, but this CNN video does not depict such things, nor does this one. Angry protests, sure, but not riots... Canada, on the other hand, knows how to make a statement.

You'd think in this modern age, we'd have worked out some kind of braking system that keeps trains from rolling away, but we haven't... I suppose the question that will never be answered is, what was the cause of the original fire, since that obviously started the train of consequence (maybe??)? But, then, it would also help if anybody was even asking that question, wouldn't it?

I have ASPD (Antisocial personality disorder)... It's self diagnosed, so I cannot get a second opinion because my ego thinks it knows best... I suspect the whole thing is made up, but I am also not risking the lives of millions with it either so, I'll simply continue to disregard the norms, standards, and laws that hold zero logic. It isn't like I make shit up to be popular, or hide my own doings, or anything ridiculous like that, but rather that I have a unique perspective owing to the fact that I have not lived within the confines of norms or standards (is it just me, or does it look like thousands of people might live here). That perspective leads down avenues that scare many people, since I have very little fear of breaking my own vision of what reality really is. In fact, my rendition of reality tends to be more scary than any fear of being wrong could ever hope to outdo.

My antisocial behaviour leaves me completely unsurprised with stories like this, or this, or this, or this, or this... These are almost expected based on what I already know how the system of lobbying works, in combination with the big fish eats little fish, that owns the rights to everything, all propped up on fake dollars, and supported by a fake media, and fake justice system that's all hopped up on meth and itching to go mad dog on anything that breathes or simply kills via remote control should it feel the need. I mean, anyone who can't at least see the bias within the system and not think 'You corrupt pig-bastards!!' must be brain dead or not paying any attention, so is it really so wrong to think that the transition is not yet complete?


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