Saturday, 27 July 2013

protecting the children and other sexual deviances

It appears we will soon have a choice put to us in the U.K. and Canada. That choice is the one where we willingingly 'op in' to having our names on the sexual deviant list, or we shut up and drink the kool aid... It hardly seems like a choice, but then neither does letting a bureaucrat decide what is art and what is porn when they are already so awesome at deciding what is rape, and what is 'sex outside of marriage'. I know they simply want to 'protect the children' because that's what things like this are always labelled, and well, we've seen how much they like to protect children. They love to protect children in the missionary, and protect them doggy style, or, their favorite: the curled angel. They protect them on the playground, and even have special harnesses to keep them from falling off the swing-set for their protection... Oh, yeah! They'll protect the children 20 times a day and up their rectum if they have to.

I'm not suggesting that there are no bad parents or no vile and putrid deviants out there, but these things were not a spawn of the internet, and filtering the internet does not mean the content (or underlying problem) ceases to exist... No If you want to stop child pornography and you really must target the 'enabling technology' blame cameras. Before cameras you had to post a paper (likely even a handwritten one) on a bulletin board inviting like-minded deviants to your dungeon to watch or assist such acts at the risk of police or someone of conscience having you arrested. Simply boasting about such heinous acts is what led to the current catch-phrase of "Pic, or it didn't happen". Besides, if child pronography were to suddenly evaporate, somebody might need to find logic or common sense debates to eliminate political opponents. (can this even be done? Logic and common sense in the political sphere are almost as hard to come by as unicorn blood, or for that matter TRUTH...)

But we aren't going to ban cameras either, are we?
No, those are a necessary technology

We know exactly why the internet needs filters, and we know that the first thing that will find it's way past said filters will be porn (kiddie or otherwise). Let's face it, the equation where sex sells is far too profitable and foolproof to ever be censored in the times we live in.

[deep breath, darkness fades]

At least there has been some news of life being poetic, because everybody needs some place where they feel right at home. In fact, here's even more poetry in motion: officers respond to a man 'who was expressing suicidal thoughts': BY SHOOTING HIM. Sometimes, you simply cannot make this stuff up... But then, this is the place that I've lived my whole life: logic and common sense have never been extraordinarily useful 'round these parts and attempting differ only to such things are enough to drive one mad as a hatter 'round here.

Close enough

Sometimes I wonder if I was simply born mad as a hatter and that's why I never saw the descent into madness, but then I realize that insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over while expecting different results, and I don't have 'a job' so I am not the drone in this hive, am I? No, I am not pushing some agenda which Portugal has already disproven and failing to mention that "Portugal has already disproven it"... I'd suggest that maybe the pope was banned from visiting Portugal, but that's just crazy talk... Isn't it?

Well, maybe not this crazy... Crazy would be NOT launching something
at the T.V. during this statement...


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