Saturday, 6 July 2013

A name for namesake only

So the big brother watch has turned up in France now, as well. So let's see, there's now: U.S.A., Canada, U.K. Australia, and France who are about as bad as China in how they abuse the internet... Sure China actively 'censors' what's available, but do you not think that all this surveillance and logging of everything that is coming out of these other places has a similar effect? If people become paranoid enough over being monitored, that tends to lead to passive censorship which is actually worse in my opinion, because the first means nobody can read it, the second means nobody is saying it (really, no 'dislike' buttons because nobody wants to feel the sting of criticism? What are we, kindergarten children?) to begin with. France, of course, chose to put their own ironic flair on things by griping about the U.S. before any of their own problems became known.

I suspect we will see similar trends among all those countries who have been up in arms about the NSA leaks... (Speaking of which: Ryan Dawson has some good tips, here, here & here. But bear in mind that even encryption is not perfect so forget 'unhackable' because there is not really such an animal, but it at least throws up a roadblock.) It's a phenomenon known as 'thou doth protest too much', which I think Canada was also guilty of, if I look back at it hard enough... Speaking of which I really need a newsreader that allows me to search my own 'read' items, because feedly does not appear to do this (suggestions are welcome)...

I was not certain what to make of this, so I did a small bit of research... I guess it's good to know that my bullshit meter (or cowshit, in that case) is still working. While I am speaking of things I find hard to believe, because certain other things are not mentioned, ground water passed it's peak (funny how they fail to mention that massive aquifer under most of Libya, and Egypt), yet there's plenty of water on the ground, maybe I have finally grown too skeptical for my own good. There has also been a whole lot of news concerning that sign I posted on June 29th, which was a bit gratifying to have been a-head of the curve [pats self on back], so maybe I am still rightfully skeptical.

Oh, and before I forget, happy belated 2013th birthday, 'Murika, hope you're not too hungover from celebrating your phreedom and interdependance. Oh, right, you would have needed to be allowed to drink (or afford to) in order to become hungover... Sorry 'bout that, carry on, nothing to see here... We had our own fourth of July thing happen in Montreal, but at least we know how to party with chemicals... In fact we party with chemicals pretty often it Quebec would appear.

I had to laugh at the misfortune of others recently, mostly because I could understand what the effects would end up being. It's all slowly becoming unglued and unhinged. Maybe still too slowly for my liking, but at least things seem to be heading in the proper direction for the moment. And I mean, truly the right direction. It's about time we get some public acknowledgment that there is something horrible in the air, or was it water? I get mixed up sometimes, like when "hydro"quebec blames smoke, then does it again the very next day... All was saved though as the 'One Direction' concert went off without a hitch... That I even know who that is probably means I deserve to get punched in the pancreas five or six times...

I thought there was this 'clause' known as a 'flight risk' often invoked in a number of legal cases... I am no lawyer, mind you, so maybe I am jumping to conclusions. I mean, sometimes a name is simply for namesake only, and might have little to do with the actuality of this named thing... Like I am not actually 'dirty' nor a 'kid' but somehow that name has stuck with me since it was first uttered by Joe almost 20 years ago...

I know it's been a couple of days since I've been here. Let's just say I was busy trying to address a somewhat profound personal experience in which the system spat me out yet again. The irony of this particular situation is not lost on me, but I am unsure of how much of the story I should tell here.

You see the government has called lately to state that I am behind in my child support (for a child who is now an adult) and they will seize my things if they can't find a paycheck. Good luck: I neither own things, nor a paycheck... Irony has already begun. Since I have not found my own paycheck, I figured that this was a good time to nip this in the bud as I qualify for legal aid... My legal aid lawyer was all ready to go forward when she suddenly stopped asking questions and told me not to say another word...

Yes, my child support payments began as a legal aid case representing the other side and so, I was a conflict of interest to their office... Sure there is a contingency plan of obtaining a private lawyer that will work a legal aid mandate, so all is not lost, except that this lawyer now must begin anew and ask all the same questions adding a time factor to something that was already nearing the halfway point because this office will not simply send the new lawyer the already opened file. I'll admit, I laughed in the legal aid office, and said out loud: 'there's always something, when it comes to me... Nothing is ever straightforward or simple'.

The one thing I must say is that the lawyers I met were very nice, and surprisingly well spoken in English which is not the type of thing I have come to expect in this province, so at least the experience (of being rejected by yet another part of the system) was pleasant. They even went out of their way to find a few lawyers who might suit me and I already have an appointment to resume this business.

OK, so I've apparently elected to tell pretty much the entire story, it would seem.


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