Sunday, 3 August 2014

Proctology and the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop

Ebola is now in Atlanta... The mayor of Atlanta was told to expect this in the end of May, when he attended the Bilderberg Meeting... Cragslist needed Crisis Actors for Atlanta, and while the dates maybe wrong, the fact that these things come to light so quickly these days may cause some scheduling delays. I also read something about an executive order to detain citizens with respiratory illness, which sounds pretty convenient in it's timing, even if the airborne strain of Ebola would have already killed patient-X due to it's short gestational period. It's true that I am no proctologist, but something smells kinda funky here all the same, and I am not sure which end of it needs me to put my finger on it.

Maybe it's all part of the distraction... The Ukrainian thing, even with a civilian plane crash, er, missiled out of the sky, er, shot down by military jets sporting 30mm guns has not inspired mass outrage @ Russia for their having nothing to do with it in the 1st place, so boom: 3 teenagers kidnapped and killed in, near, or on the same planet as Gaza starts a 'retribution' leaving egg on Israel's face... Then a solder kidnapped, er, captured by Hamas, er, killed in action, er, tripped on his own shoelaces and accidentally shot himself? (forgive me, I have no idea where that one ends yet)... ISIS! SYRIA! IRAN! TERROR!


I will admit that it is actually getting harder to distinguish these things from one moment to the next because we barely get to hear a full sentence on any given topic anymore. I am seeing similar even from sources I once relied on as this author or that blogger gets caught up in the moment with whichever OUTRAGE was coming down the wire at this moment, then it spreads through several other sources as it chants repetitively through my news feeds like a broken hypnosis record, unless that too was working as intended.

The reality is that everybody is slowly going broke right up until that time when everybody immediately goes broke... Everything else was put out there as something to keep us from thinking about who's what is really probing our rectum.


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