Friday, 10 October 2014

Darwin awards and the Stupified Zombies

There are times when I am inclined to believe Darwin's law is in full effect, now is one of those times... I just watched 2 young unattended children run through a busy intersection against the lights and between moving cars... 1 was not hit by, of all things, the oncoming school bus... I don't blame the driver based on what I saw, as it appeared the 2nd kid almost stopped to let the bus go by before thinking himself invincible and running headlong into inevitability... He's not dead, but I suspect the foot which went under a wheel might require a cast... Thankfully all the drivers nearest the accident rushed to his aid and an ambulance was there within seconds. The 1st kid, who might have been an older brother, took the longest to realize what had happened as he was preparing to cross against the lights in another direction through 6 lanes (the 1st crossing was 4 lanes)...

Are we programmed to a destiny, unable to prevent our own fate? Watching that kid's 'deer in the headlights' moment, followed by the split-second decision to continue to be hit by a bus suggests to me that some of us must be. Granted this was a young child who's cortex may not be fully developed into recognizing that continuing a bad idea through to it's ultimate consequence is far worse than knowing when to try something else... Like not running under a bus...

Stupid is as stupid says and does. Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid is as stupid does... It could go on and on and on, but I simply don't have that kind of energy. Sufficed to say those you've empowered couldn't give a flying fuck about you and they're contented by this stupid they've created, the only question remaining is what are you going to do about it? Sure there may be the occasional proof of karma at work, but it's really not working fast enough to drown all the rats trying not to go down with the ship whose hull they chewed through while betting who would drown last not understanding there'd be nobody left to ante up. Bear in mind, that turning on the lights only reveals the slowest cockroaches as the fast ones already scurried under the stove.

Maybe it's just me who sees the irony of things like this, or maybe it just fits the trend where big pharma goes the extra mile to keep us toxifying ourselves as they are constantly engineering new ways to kill us slowly one pill at a time. Side effects caused by this pill cured by that pill which causes other side effects cured by a 3rd and so fourth. The simplest cure for depression having always been to turn off the TV and go for a walk... Yet we get upset when products don't give us wings as advertised despite knowing full well nothing, except for, maybe, MySatan's lab grown crops will cause us to grow appendages we weren't meant to have.

...and going back to the beginning of my story, the news can't even get the story I witnessed right. it was not near the intersection, it was at it, and there is no street parking anywhere near there to run between... Were they twins? Could have been I suppose, I wasn't close enough to the action to tell. Well, I almost became news there



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