Thursday, 20 November 2014

Morons Hyped on Oxy and Terror Dandruff

It's true that I blame many of the world's ills on the sadistic Zio-cons and their stooge army of useful idiots, while trying not to lump those Jews who are not privy to the master plan into it... Though, this instance could still be a useful idiot, time will tell... Maybe he could found an affirmative action group because, I'm fairly certain there isn't one for poor, underrepresented Jews unable to break into such prestigious fields as janitor. I mean, there are so many things you just aren't taught outside the ivy-league price-premium schools. Obviously there was some government conspiracy behind this 'freedom of choice' given to the Jewish community while the rest of us Quebecers can barely chose to be educated in our own mother-tongue, unless it's French... Also quite obvious: our parents and the hasidic community at large cannot be to blame for failing to teach common sense...

(Sigh). I promised myself not to break out the snake venom this week... Oh well... I suppose the fact that some of these links have been kicking around for a month waiting for a proper introduction was the catalyst.

Sorry if I seem a tad bitter this morning, the deep-freeze has finally hit Police state, Canada, so I'm an itsy-bit bitchy.

Cue the inevitable fear-mongering over the unknown, notice how evil death machine always takes precedence over the benign? Is it really so hard to say we've found something that isn't what we thought it was? I mean, I find things in my fridge which aren't what I thought they were from time to time, but, I suppose that doesn't garner the same shock-n-awe attention that this sleeping public requires. Everybody is going through the motions and reading their script flawlessly to reinforce the obvious Hollywood rule of bad guys wear black despite a majority realizing the supposed good guys wear egg on their face. They don't care, the numbers show that 5 out of 4 surveys are manipulated numbers unless they are completely made up in the first place, and somehow these expert mathemagicians dupe a vast swath of genpop into a sense that everything's just fine (except in the rare circumstance linked above). Why should we trust these people?

I deliberate my random to avoid being trapped in the automatic filters, marginalized, categorized, then ostracized. Obviously the world of new order is terrible at doing random, thus, must be terrible at predicting it as well. Yes, random makes 'the order' run scared and wet itself in a 'safe room'. The very fact that plans are not going according to plan has many in the planning industry jumping too far ahead in the plan and finding that too, ends poorly. No amount of phony security is going to make things more secure, it simply means buying overpriced shampoo at your tourist destination since yours was confiscated at the airport... Even if you could easily pack the right combination of chemicals in TSA approved sizes, a half litre of head and shoulders says terrorist all over it. Terrorist with dandruff, no less...

And while we are speaking of high-tech security, which we weren't, I will reiterate that those two words are almost antonyms, and thus the idea of high-tech security is an oxymoron... The more technology you throw at a problem the greater the distance it can be hacked from, maybe not today, maybe not next week, but eventually which is why I still say of you don't want naked pictures of yourself going wild on the internet, they shouldn't exist in the first place...

I think I've ranted on long enough for this posting


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