Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pin the target on Putin, and other reindeer games

I've attempted to write something, anything, for a number of days now only to be met with a blank page starting back at me. It's not that there is nothing to say but that there is too much to say.

By now, it's becoming pretty obvious that MH-17 was gunned down by Ukrainian fighter jets because they had "intelligence" indicating Vladimir Putin was on a plane in approximately the same time and place which means the downing of a plane in that time and place was planned. That it was completely wrong plane, however, was not planned, and no contingent excuse had been arranged leaving all those originators of the plan making up wild and crazy stories... I'm somewhat surprised they haven't tried blaming sunspots or aliens yet, but that may still come to pass. This cat and mouse game of pin the blame on Russia has been at play for some time now and thus far Putin has won every round.

I must say that it's been fun to watch as bankrupt nations drive their economies further into a nosedive by refusing to sell Russia select products only to have Russia refuse to buy any products... I mean, who is schooling who here? Because, it really has become some lowbrow comedy of an 'I'm rubber, you're glue' type scenario playing out... I'm just trying to decide how low our integrity can go as the puppets and talking heads try to emblazon their phony outrage at how Russia is not playing by their rules in a game where the same talking heads and puppets are constantly changing the rules to suit whatever self-serving ends they feel they can justify. Wait, what? Integrity might have been a poor choice of words, but I find a distinct lack of proper replacement words in this politically correct landscape of meaningless and toothless drivel.

I know that I am geographically locked into the losing side of the equation, but then I've pretty well known something wasn't quite right about this society for most of my life. At least now, I understand why I've always felt it, and am able to close the chapter on discovery and move on to whatever the next chapter holds in my choose-your-own-adventure story. Besides, I'm not truly on the losing side so long as I do not trust the system I am chained to. Am I?

Maybe it is a situation of 'walks like a duck, talks like a duck' even despite that I am aware of just how trapped I am, or maybe that realization alone is enough to separate and buffer me from all the wrong-headed things done by my supposed proxies elected into office. Maybe I have not gone off the deep end far enough to prove that I do not approve (not that I agree with the protests in the last link, but, I sure do live in a weird place). It's enough to wonder why I am not insane yet, at least, given all the backwards agendas in play at any given time. It's not like it requires a mathematician to work out that the game is rigged.

It saddens me to realize just how many willing shills there are given the number of places where someone trained and financed by the al MosC.I.Ada is busy killing his own for pocket change and the furtherance of an agenda intent on killing anyone in the line of fire. And with all the modern choices of ammunition, whether using darpa's smart bullets, drones, ebola, or 'nucular' warheads, the line of fire would seem to be everywhere and everyone. But then, most everyone seemingly believes their government will protect them somehow regardless of just how impossible that math might be especially when you factor in that those same governments couldn't save themselves from us were we to decide to take matters into our own hands... But Alas. War is not in our own backyards spoiling the Sunday football game so why would we do that?


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