Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deafening Sound of Silence

Warning signs have been popping up to indicate that the 13 year anniversary of the largest psy-ops joint action committed by international war criminals may be a case where the celebration outdoes the original party. Impressive considering that most sequels, no matter the effort, budget, or planning, tend to remain overshadowed by their predecessor. True, there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, once you've suspended disbelief so much the first time 'round, anything that follows is simply expanding that disbelief in small increments and are, therefore, less dramatic. Maybe the problem resides in my inability to suspend disbelief at how many people simply don't remember a 3rd New York skyscraper falling at free fall speeds or a Donald Rumsfeld briefing on September 10th about the Pentagon losing eleventy-billion monies somewhere in the newly reinforced (with C4) section of the building with a giant bullseye painted on it.

I could post links to these things, but, I figure making people actively look may break the memory hole by turning the process into a research project...

Maybe missing planes are some kind of ruse meant to throw us off track while they keep trying to goad Russia into all-out war, or maybe they are only part of a plan, but given that I am only privy to history after it has occurred, I can only wait and see what comes.

Then again the same non-occurrences could make uneventful anniversaries while we all brace for the impact and that hollow sound of absolutely nothing... We expect, therefore silence...


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