Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bugs in the Viral Code

Maybe it`s bugs in the software, or maybe it`s something more sinister @ work, but I do not get these results from checking the history of MH-17 in this tool... in fact I get 3 identical flight paths over the region in the 3 days prior with the largest variance on the 12th... many flights flew the Russia / Ukraine border near Mezentev over the course of a week, so either this youtube video is using falsified data, or the tool now is... But both cannot be accurate @ the same time. But then neither can all the finger pointers who are busy trying to implicate one side or the other. So we are left to believe that Russian/Ukrainian/Rebel/US/Terrorist/Aliens shot down the plane with missiles or lasers on their heads, or an engine exploded... All the mis-matched information about this downed flight is listed here. And While I am mis-matching information let's just remember who else wants to get their hooks into the country and why.

Meanwhile in Israel/Palestine...

It seems that others out there are warning of the same thing I routinely bring up, and have for months, albeit, in a much more 'calm' and 'nothing to see here' manner. It's odd to think any of this makes it to print given that the news is owned by so few people these days, and that number is getting smaller all the time. And while I am mentioning numbers being reduced it tends not to get any better if nobody is working, not that corporations are empathetic or anything remotely human-like. It's not a situation where feeding the head until it explodes is actually going to work, because currency has no calories and never did, which is why everybody seems to always need more. Shut up! Eat your gruel! And get back to work!

I'll admit, I may have mistakenly used the words 'U.S. / Mexico border crisis' or some variation in a previous post, but, now the bigger picture is emerging. Maybe I watched too many X-Files episodes in the 90's, or maybe, under all that alien virus garbage there really is some allowance for FEMA to overthrow what the U.S. laughingly refers to as their democratically elected government during a national emergency... But as is often the case around here, we'll find out, likely after it's too late.


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