Thursday, 4 September 2014

What Karma This Way Come for Mudmen & Vampires?

I'm never quite certain why people bother wasting time analyzing the central banks of nations which handed monetary policy over to charted banks and private corporations decades ago... Especially when factoring in the currency of said nation carries the value of a fistful of air and is exchangeable for absolutely nothing should the deceived populous ever really come to understand the enslavement of our debt-note economy. But, all the same, people do, and are seemingly appalled by their results. Remember, the most important part in that equation of CIDC insurance is not how much they've stockpiled, but how much and over how many generations they feel we, the uninformed and enslaved public, are willing to pay those who loaned out exponentially more than they stole in this ponzi scheme shell game where there was never a ball under any of the shells to begin with...

The economy stops if all banks reject 100% of all new loans... And after there is zero paper currency and no black ink in anyone's bank book there will still be metric shit-tons of dollars owed to banks somehow. That is 'the economy' in a nutshell. Whether you have a positive or negative bank balance, you work to repay a debt which can never be repaid over any number of lifespans. The system is a house of cards built as an upsidedown pyramid, which cannot be expected to remain standing under the restrictions of the basic principles of physics. It's much like the coyote who does not fall into the canyon until he realizes there is no ground beneath him, this house of cards relies on our believing everything is OK in order to continue to exist in present form (or exponentially worse form, the further time passes, as it never actually stays the same).

This logic can even transpose itself into other areas, like law and politics. These systems may have served a purpose at one time, but have since become a complete mockery of the things they once were as they grapple with new ways to term stealing so that it only applies to those who couldn't afford bread... I once had a lawyer whose favourite word was 'continuance', he said I had a good case until the check bounced then thought it best I pled guilty... Apparently, this is not stealing, according to my next lawyer... Fancy little cyclic redundancy that was...

Ah, but as they say: a fool and his money are soon parting... Except that we were all fooled because debt is not money, so we never really had it to part with in the first place, did we? If only we were more learned in these matters we'd likely have already turned the tables on them, but instead we trap ourselves in the divisive politics calling heads or heads on the coin toss of a two-faced coin worth less than either face value or it's own weight in base metals. A good citizen is a brain dead citizen or obedient stooge, fodder for the next generation of death machine.

All karma comes if one is patient enough, just ask Joan Rivers who's opinion went from 'all Palestinians deserve death' to complete silence in mere weeks (and after throat surgery, no less)... That is of course, assuming there was any actual Joan Rivers left under all that botox, plastic, mastic, and silicon... But this is a whole other 'does life begin @ birth, or conception' debate... Even if one only need observe a photographic before, after, and after that journal of her transit from her original self to horrifying 'B' rated horror film claymation monster she had herself transformed into... I suddenly find myself wondering what George Carlin or Robin Williams would have to say in her eulogy. I suppose we'll never know.


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