Monday, 28 July 2014

were you planning to eat that?

I am a sympathetic person, most of the time. That is to say I don't feel bad when people get exactly what they ask for and are somehow think it's some great world-ending catastrophe, even if it isn't. The fact is the customer is very often wrong despite whatever brainwashing might be @ play. I know sympathy is a difficult commodity while murderers claim it's in self defense that they bomb hospitals and even schools, or when the 'supposed good-guys' openly endorse rape as a means of 'avenging the deaths of'... Um, was all this bombing not about 3 dead teenagers? I must have missed an important memo somewhere... Now where was I? ... ... Actually, I'm lying, is easy to find sympathy, just not for those who feel they deserve it. Strangely none of this stops the support checks from being sent.

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine... Ugh. I could fill pages and pages with the history, the heresy, and official lies, but that likely wouldn't slow the endless waltz on broken glass. The IMF really needs to own them because their collection is worthless unless they have a full set. Of what? is a good question, and can only think 'of whatever is left standing' as being the proper answer, given that Iraq and Syria are still war zones...

Strangely I get a sense that some portion of all of this is bubbling just under the surface of others I encounter. Not all people and not all things at once, but it's on the tips of tongues in some dialect of a long dead language nobody remembers how to pronounce. Maybe that's just a vague optimism on my part, or maybe it's all the oddly misplaced rage which suddenly escapes certain people over things which should be considered trivial at best, and thoroughly unimportant at worst. The gen pop is either three short steps from bankruptcy, or already batshit insane, even if that is the new normal that does not mean I have to like it.

Eventually the last straw has to break the camels back, and it won't be over some triviality like that customer who could not return a $40 item purchased four months ago and became so incensed that he threw the item across the store and stormed out.


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