Thursday, 24 July 2014

Uh, did you say "common cents"?

It's true that I am known to change my mind from time to time, but this, in combination with this, plus defectors and accidents while Russia had no involvement yet somehow created the conditions... Wait, where was I? Damn, I think I just got dizzy in the spin... The future U.S. President, Darth Vader, already told us Putin fired the missile himself when he inadvertently slid his android lock-screen left instead of right to answer an incoming call because that was what facebook said and there was a poorly produced youtube video to back it all up... Open information is common sense, and anything that might state otherwise is obviously wrong...

Undeniable proof from the same assholes who brought you WMDs in Iraq, and toxic gas used by Syrian Governm, er rebels? Wait, who's side were they on? Yes it was the government poisoning it's people with toxic chemicals (even if it wasn't), and let's not forget that Israeli terrorists flew planes into 3 buildings and knocked down 4 of them... Wait! Shit! I think I was supposed to say Arab terrorists! Fuck it! Cut and let's to a reshoot or overdub. What's that? We're live on air? <this station is experiencing technical difficulties, have a coke® and a smile™ while we subliminally reprogram your brain in this 'test signal'>

I am not going to claim that I have undeniable proof to back my claims, but I will state that the bankers set up the conditions under which this plane was shot down. It's common cents™ and undeniably logical that the weapons were purchased with currency that was printed by a bank, or created with a few keystrokes and a signature in triplicate (and of blood) on the dotted line of a contract guaranteeing that someone would owe more money than existed on the date of signing, in what is commonly called "the economy". While it could be argued that there is not one single smoking gun out there to back this accusation, there is also no solid proof against it either.

I am glad to see that the trance appears to be wearing off, and that 'social media' is not convincing enough argument... and as for the 'it was taken down quickly afterwards' well, honestly, when you read the sources I read, many things are gone in 2 hours time. I am sure this blog contains a great many dead links to things that were relevant at the time but mysteriously vanished under the guise of 'offensive content', or 'copyrighted material', and often held some key to unlocking a truth even if none directly depicted things being swept under the rug. This does not stop me from posting links to things while I can still see them, in much the same way as the finger-pointing never ends in the efforts to start WW3.

Sure you could call me an armchair critic but I have a sudden fear that it would be a crime to leave the country to investigate things myself, of course, not that air travel looks too shit hot right about now. Not sure who put these ideas in my head though.... Maybe it happened so long ago that it's nobody's fault.


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