Saturday, 15 June 2013

Inflating egos at deflating prices

Regardless of which aspects if the system you choose to believe in our not, there appears to be one standard rule that can be applied to some part of it. As sure as gravity which could possibly be debated in its calculation, or rate in a given part of to solar system, but not for existing because it's hard to argue against the fact that 'things fall down'. Like gravity, we can also be assured that assholes in a position to do so, will always give themselves a nice healthy salary raise. I'd ask why they think they need 6% while claiming inflation is 2%, but I doubt I'd get a straight answer from them seeing as politics is rather void of honesty.

That is the other undeviated rule is that they lie, cheat, and steal their way into these positions as either a corporate or banker cronie. Once there they make claims like 'there is no housing bubble' [which I've already pointed out and laughed at and even predicted that things will get bad soon], then sound surprised when it's finally revealed as false... I suppose it goes without saying that lies must be carefully maintained to prevent panic right up until the last minute, while bankers, politicians, and wealthy scumbags position themselves to be shielded  from hurting their own assets, yet still be able to claim everybody else's assets once things finally do implode...

They aren't in position in Toronto, it would appear, but then again, some other cities in Canada seem to have their problems too... They NEED you Torontonians to sign up to buy all those brand new vacant condos or the CMHC can't pay them for foreclosing on you. As it stands right now there will be a few rich douchebags who might not be able to afford their country club memberships, or have to eat 'non-beluga' caviar, and a few might even have to sell off one of their Ferraris if the bubble bursts tomorrow. I mean the economy needs rich people because they know how to buy the factory you work in, convert it to condos that you can't buy, give your job to Malaysians for pennies on the dollar, consume all the oil now required to transport the products you once made back here so you can buy them at the same price that they used to be sold for, at least until it's realized that the goods are now of lesser quality, or that you no longer have the same disposable income, and might need to be marked down a bit. Studies have shown that the middle and lower classes simply could not handle that level of responsibility because they think they have something called a conscience, whatever that means.

Of course much of this conscience stems from carefully crafted religious texts passed down through the ages as the incontestable words of God, who it is claimed, befriended and talked to a handful of people during certain periods of time, centuries ago, and never again since... Ah, times were so much simpler when the only people who knew how to read and write were the religious patriarchs and the born rulers... Those were the days.

Back then one could simply write out the whole conspiracy in plain latin and none of the plebs would ever have known, but now, it's not even written, yet somehow, people seem to figure it out. Maintaining ownership of the town crier was supposed to be enough to prevent these types of things when we allowed the written language to smarten up the dumb folk enough to not get their hand stuck in the flour mill every other hour.

No, simply owning the media has not been enough to keep things from getting out there which is why there's screaming about the need for something to be done about it. Of course it's painted in the perfect frame to make it look like it's meant to protect people from a problem, when in reality the problem could be corrected if phone companies were not such douchebags. Yes, phone companies could easily share a database of stolen phone IDs and simply not activate those phones, ever again, problem solved... They don't do this, because they claim it would 'cost money' when in reality they can make double the money (the original contract, and the new activation) from an activated stolen phone as well as selling a brand new shiney tracking device of distraction.

Somehow, carefully laid plans escaped so things like this were needed. If for no other reason than to have a real and actual number of how many still believe them, because let's face it, polls are known to a completely inaccurate representation of reality. Of those surveyed about the accuracy of polls: 45% of people were happy, 50% were not unhappy, and 5% understood the question and wrote an unacceptable 3rd answer below the two provided, so we've called them 'undecided'. *note* of the 20 people surveyed 2 were my cats, one was my houseplant, and 16 were imaginary, and no trees were harmed in this double-blind-folded secret ballot rigged voting process.

Why Yes, of course... Yes indeed

Wow... I am all over the place today... I think I need a nap...



  1. "...befriended and talked to a handful of people during certain periods of time, centuries ago, and never again since..."

    How many do you have to talk to to exist?

  2. Don't get me wrong here, It's just that there are so many 'varied' views on God, which were all written centuries ago. Thousands of pages of edict on how to live and who to hate, and while Catholics do introduce a new 'saint' every other week, there's been not a prophet in the lot.

    Time has brought us a number of technological changes, and with those came moral hurdles, yet not even so much as a footnote in the bible, qur'an, or torah, so does this mean the Amish are correct? It gets worse when you consider that spelling mistakes are supposed to have some hidden symbolism.

    I am poking at the institution of religion which would likely treat the next coming of the messiah in the exact manner as they did last time, if there ever was a last time, because, they don't all believe that happened either.