Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ho Lee Fuk! Wi Tu Lo!

Ha! Punked! Not only punked but this asshole decides to mispronounce the 3rd name as Fook. FUCK YOU medea whores...

It's true that I have, on occasion, wondered if the universe actually exists, or if we are really the figment of the imagination of somebody named God... Generally I dismiss the idea for the fact that I cannot fathom the brain power that would be required to keep track of billions of people and all the many more billions of plants and animals which exist on this world alone... Then to factor in that we have no idea how many planets out there could support life as we understand it, nor how many might support life as we don't understand it. I mean, our understanding of life is pretty biased, and inclined to think water is important, but that is only because we have not met a species (nor will we on this planet) for whom water is toxic.

I have never held much faith in the media, but I used to like science... Problematically, science seems to have gone off the rails just as so many other things have. Not to worry though, soon enough nobody will be teaching science or any other topic. We already know that most people have failed at economics, and even at basic math in some cases, so other things can't be too far behind.

I don't even have much faith in 'technology', which is odd considering the field of work I happen to be involved in, when I am involved in doing work of any kind... Which I haven't been lately... Maybe my hobby (attempting to locate and exonerate the truth) and my career became incompatible once I could no longer endorse any kind of product from anyone.

Obviously, the police are not to be called on to sort any of it out,

because we might have been carrying a deadly baby when they arrive. Why can I find any number of new examples, on any given day about police behaving badly? Is there some new meaning to the word 'Justice' that I am unaware of? I mean, who the hell is running things anyway?

Since we already know what 'new and improved' means

I'm not going to ask who lives here

Sometimes, Karma does catch some people, but, these things seem too few and far between... Most times we get bullshit like this instead of Karma. Is this because some people don't believe in Karma? Because, really, the same does not hold true of things like gravity, so maybe Karma doesn't work in an always visible manner.



  1. Generally I dismiss the idea for the fact that I cannot fathom the brain power that would be required to keep track of billions of people...

    Relax on that Dirty Kid. You're made of 100 trillion living cells - each playing their roles to perfection, and it's not like you (as in you, yourself, you) have to use any conscious degree of 'brainpower' to pull off that little feat...

    And if you can shepherd 100 trillion cells so effortlessly, why doubt that the Almighty can't go an extra mile and oversee a universe or infinity of universes?

    The only 'obvious' difference is in the numbers involved.


    1. Good point. There isn't a whole lot of thought involved In the countless times per second that osmosis happens, and very little brain power associated with breathing, or heart beat and those aren't done at the conscious level either.


  2. The real story here, the true punch line if you will was the Korean take on the laguardia crash from captain Kent Parker Wright. It is becoming obvious that the lackeyes are under paid for failing to point this out. Could very well be over payment for slack results, kicking the gooee side of the hive. Ultimately the work of underemployed interns and the over compensated parental unit. All wretch and no vomit, so they said.

    1. I musta missed that one, I think it's simply a sign that they've gotten both lazy, and used to reading whatever the hell is on the cue cards without thinking... Whatever the case, I'll accept it as it makes sifting out the make believe news easier