Monday, 28 January 2013

Debt + boobies + ??? = Profit

Some of the elites say some pretty stupid things considering the context. Too complex to explain how it all works? I work with computers and networking, and, I understand that these things can be pretty complex to some people. Yet I can generally find a way to explain it that is understandable even if it's a much more simplistic version of what's actually happening. In fact I've only ever had 1 person I could not really break it down for and had to resort to "Click 'send' + magic = email gets to recipient". Banking is no different: "Debt + magic + fairy dust = Profit". The recent trouble springs from a malfunctioning translator which defined magic as theft and fairy dust as fraud. Nobody will go to prison though, because those are reserved for the truly hardened criminals

There are other elites saying pretty stupid things, of course it's all in the effort to forward an impossible dream that won't work anyway. It will be even scarier if they manage to separate because I don't think these people understand to concept. I am not certain what the current rhetoric is, but in the past I've heard utterance of 'We'll be our own sovereign country, but use the Canadian Dollar as currency".

That's like telling your parents you're moving out of their house, but moving into the guest room over the garage, and you still expect the laundry service, food filled refrigerator, and weekly allowance to happen. Not having your own currency is one of the reasons the entire world looks to be going bankrupt right now, Governments have been borrowing from private banks, and loosening the rules on banking.

The US banks even received bailout loans at low interest then turned around and bought Treasury bonds that pay a higher interest than the loans... Yes, they borrowed money @ low interest, to loan it back @ higher interest being offered by the same place the money came from.

It's all part of the master plan anyway, so they no longer care what they say in public. The public is too busy drooling over kim the cardasian's breasts to produce any kind of rational thought. The parade of dumb and bummer marches on, not asking to where nor why, awaiting the next rectangular box to tell them what's really on their mind and how they too could fuck a porn star simply by buying product X.

Yes, I mean you. If that pisses you off then I am happy to oblige, but I am only the messenger.


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