Monday, 14 January 2013

The lost and found 3 blocks past normal

It's amazing the things you find, and in some very odd places too. The parade continues to trumpet it's requiem while marching valiantly toward the one way dead-end. Sure there are signs abound which could direct the band towards better scenery and away from the artificial traps, though perhaps they are not written in a properly understood language, as they seem to be largely ignored. Perhaps the melodic death march has hypnotically over-ridden survival instincts, or maybe it's just the fear of walking to a different drum.

Here is a man who did not seek normalcy
I know there is a human tendency to seek normalcy, but with normal being what it's become in present times should we not attempt to rise above it. We did not progress this far into technological advances by playing it safe and blending in. Innovation and ingenuity stem from not embracing the status quo and thumbing one's nose at normalcy.

So why are we allowing normalcy to continue to stabilize at lower and lower levels knowing full well that there is no real end to how much worse it can get? This is supposed to be evolutionary, not a hunt for the lowest common denominator.

Wake the fuck up. We were guided here in the name of safety and security, and yet, here you are more likely to be killed by police than by terrorists or criminals combined... We are not safer than we were, despite the rise of your mandatory pre-boarding grope, and constitution free zones. The propaganda machine would like to claim that it isn't truly so, but has to censor the facts so the numbers come out properly, which, coincidentally enough seems to be one of the other ways we got here...

The financial world is still in turmoil and has not actually been fixed, it's simply been propped up by Government bailouts. The real-estate bubble in Canada will likely burst this year triggering a bunch of CMHC payments to the bank, and the student debt bubble in the U.S. is looking pretty ripe too. Interest rates cannot be held artificially low forever to compound the problems, meaning sooner or later it will be time to pay the piper, even if the piper brought the rats to nest here in the first place.

The world did not end, and the green isn't greener yet. But still they figure if can keep track of all of our web habits they can figure out just how much porn per week makes you a terrorist... Or was it how little? I forget what the equation was now.


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