Monday, 21 January 2013

Status Quo's at full speed in neutral

Modern terrorism has completely transformed from the good old days. It used to be limited to theft of strategic importance, hijackings, kidnappings, assassination attempts, and bomb threats from some faction of wing-nuts claiming to want freedom for some tiny backwards nation nobody's ever heard of. Not anymore. Now that terrorism has gone mainstream and appears to be universally accepted as "God's work", it's very difficult for the old form 'Peoples Liberation Front of Easter Nauru' to get any kind of a rise out of us. I suppose it really doesn't help that so many are already hiding under their mattresses afraid of what's on the T.V. that the old school terrorists cannot find anybody in whom's hearts to strike fear. It doesn't much help that everybody's a terrorist these days, so they're having to blend in and take jobs as New York cab drivers to make ends meet.

But who are the real terrorists when some terrorists get a slap on the wrist while others are tortured until they sign a confession? Was that the point? Build the new normal until everybody thinks backwards or gives up trying to fight it?

Gun control is the latest buzzword out there these days, but nobody stops to actually wonder how well that works. From where I stand, it doesn't seem to solve much of anything at all. And what about that spontaneous attack on Mali? I'm not even arguing the reasoning behind these things, just pointing out that there seems to be a concerted effort behind it all. Sometimes we fight the terrorists and sometimes we fund them, but who decides which we're doing today? Or, better still, who gets to flip the coin? Some of these plans are decades old, and nobody even knows about them.

There's already so many horrendous things we've allowed to be unleashed on ourselves so why would you believe, even for a second, that the worst is over? There is no group that truly wants to fix things. Status quo with an occasional word tossed about to prove they are listening, that's all you get. A word here, a word there, things don't actually improve because the words are tainted to begin with.



It's the only thing that can counteract the toxins polluting our bodies and the lies poisoning our souls.

Free your mind.


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