Thursday, 3 January 2013

The tie for worst place and the toll-bridge trolls run amok

Fuck Walmart. I return a gift I received in duplicate and all I get is a lousy 'Walmart Gift Card'. I am not sure what that is going to be good for when you consider that I make a very conscious effort not to shop there at all... It isn't even like Walmart Canada offers stupendous savings unless you buy only their off-brand garbage... $15 dollar (crotchless in a week) pants that didn't fit right after the 1st wash (which means the first time you wear them after the fitting room). I am debating standing at the check-out lines asking if anybody is paying cash... They claim if I brought the gift giver and original receipt that they would credit the debit or credit card the gift was purchased with, or return cash if it was payed cash which leaves a 1 in 3 chance that I'd not be getting anything at all, some "gift". Thanks.

Apart from that, my holidays were good.

Now, on to business.

Some have claimed that there is no real-estate bubble in Canada, I think those people might need revise their statements in the near future. Our real-estate bubble, once burst, will attend to itself because many mortgages are already CMHC insured, so the banks are not the ones who lose when it pops, everybody else is. So, in stating that it will not look like the same banker bail-out stop-gap panic solution that happened in the U.S., it is only because the tax payer has already been sold out to this housing bubble when it started. And if you look at the construction going on, 0% apartments, 75% Condos, 25% houses there are going to be a whole lot of homeless people when interest rates suddenly swing upwards. If I had to guess, this is what is keeping interest rates artificially low: they don't want to tip the scales. But they do think we should all stop running up our debts so eventually we'll hit that breaking point.

Public transit appears to be the least safe way to travel these days. I'd re-think car ownership, but it appears to be unsafe to go out in public in general. Except in places where officials are hard at work sanding the corners off of coffee tables.

The U.S.A. has only 1 country ahead of it before they can re-claim being #1 at something. Not that I'm mocking them, Canada is in the top 15 of that same list and will likely jump several ranks when the housing bubble bursts.

Finally the truth is laid bare on this whole retarded green movement. It's incredible that they've been so busy trying to outlaw the things they earn all their taxation dollars on without considering the flip-side of the coin. Not that 'climate change™' has been effected by the green movement thus far, but it has made a whole new breed of ugly and less environmentally friendly cars.

What happened to that invisible cliff? I think it was swept under the rug, and the debt ceiling pulpit shall be put on top of that to make the lump under the carpet magically disappear.

The trolls are back, and playing a whole new variety of games. The copyright and patent systems need a complete re-write. Judges need to stop favouring the large corporations, especially these companies that manufacture nothing but vaguely worded patents. Besides, I really see no gain in suing people for youtubing a baby dancing to music, if anything, this was free promotion of the music, be gracious about it... There are far worse jobs than being a world famous musician out there, and it would not even be difficult to arrange a trade.

Who am I kidding anyway? The beatings will continue until moral improves. Despite all the corruption allegations, nobody will be punished because it will be deemed a threat to national security, regardless of how well guarded the nations security truly is.


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