Monday, 7 January 2013

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'Joke' Solution to Debt Clash Gets Serious Study - Wall Street Journal:

Sydney Morning Herald

'Joke' Solution to Debt Clash Gets Serious Study
Wall Street Journal
What if Washington's next debt clash, widely expected to be as bitter as the "fiscal cliff" fight, could be resolved with the minting of a $1 trillion coin? That is the idea being pushed by a handful of policy wonks and columnists, and it has caught the attention of ...
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Why stop there? Mint a 16 Trillion dollar coin, pay the Federal Reserve and end their mandate. Let the bankers worry about where their compound interest is going to come from beyond that... There are other things which need to be added to such a solution like outlawing fractional reserve banking and nationalizing the banks in general... Sure pure chaos will result, but it will normalize after a while because that's what humanity does... Oh, wait outlaw the speculator from gambling on the 'futures of food sources' like grains as well, at least so they won't be driving up the cost of bread as their revenge.


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