Tuesday, 29 January 2013

deliberated asyncronism in backwards land

These are backwards times we live in. I know we're meant to be knocked off balance and pushed out of sync with the world, and this doesn't really bother me all that much. I can't say as I've ever really been in sync with the world anyway, however, I don't appear to be off balance in the least. If anything, the more that's thrown at me, the more balanced I feel, and the clearer my vision becomes.

I've been dreaming again lately. Not just any dreams either, but the dreams I used to have which caused a near constant state of deja-vu. A few of weeks ago I was having dreams of my cat becoming ill, he is now ill. Last week I had a dream which presented me with a solution to a problem at work, which had not yet happened, but when it did I already knew what to do and fixed it before anybody was even aware that the problem had occurred... I was watching the right server at exactly the moment the problem occurred.

I'm beginning to answer questions before they have been asked and knowing precisely what to do in situations I've never been in before. I find myself not having to search for the things I wish to expose while I write, but that: often the perfect article has just been published minutes before I thought to include a link. Even though I hadn't even read the article, yet. It isn't the first time I've experienced this type of phenomenon, but it has been decades since the last time. I wasn't ready to deal with it last time, nor did my efforts lead to anything beyond my own frustration, so I willed it away into the furthest reaches of my subconscious with much deliberate effort. I suppose these dreams are coming back because I am now more prepared to handle them.

Not that this gives me foresight for every event, but it does limit the surprises even more than before. Much of my prior foresight was simply based on logical conclusions and my perception of how things really are. I suppose it helps that my world view has been altered greatly over the past several years and this understanding has most certainly triggered my subconscious reawakening. Of course the absolute stupidness of certain situations really do help to illustrate the message. And, I am grateful to all the other people out there exposing the truths and actually conducting research. I could never hope to process all the information out there on my own in any timely manner, but I can point to it.

I'll keep pushing forward and doing what I can, only now there may be the occasion where I have nothing to back up my perceptions. Bear with me as these do come over time as past experiences have taught me. Hopefully I have enough of a platform that the warnings do not fall on deaf ears, since that is why I dismissed it all the first time around. Maybe my very purpose in the world is to be out of sync, like some permanent daylight savings time zone in the middle of the ocean where nobody even owns a watch, or a Rip-Van-Winkle who woke up tomorrow and was never seen since...

Did that not make any sense? I doubt it was supposed to since it sounds like exactly what I meant to say.

I'm not declaring myself to be some kind of psychic. I do get premonitions and insights, but there are other things which are too obvious to be considered mystical in any way, shape, or form. Some things just do not look like what they are being called from where I stand. These things are often, though much later, proven to be deliberate accidents, like accidentally running over someone with your car 38 times and blaming a faulty gas pedal, or alien-mind-control-voodoo or whatever other bullshit they parrot off as a scapegoat. But you know deep down that either somebody really fucked up, or it's working exactly as intended, and neither of these changes the non-consequences or lack of punishment to those involved.

It's time to get with the program before the program gets into you. All the world is a stage, and we are pawns in the chessboard only so long as we allow ourselves to be.

Don't be hijacked by the simpleton fake arguments out there. Some of these trolls start with the most obvious of talking points in hopes of luring you into a debate with no real argument. Sure there's logic to it, but what are you not doing while you're arguing a non-argument? Thinking... You have a conclusion because it was given to you and you've allowed your ego to become overjoyed with your own brilliance. Don't. There is no pride in changing your opinion because you were told to. Call it out when you realize it's happening because it's just an extension of the tired old left-right paradigm. These paradigms were and have always been formulated to draw us into debates over things that don't even matter, and away from things that actually should matter.

When I do not answer a question that I write, it is not because I have no answer of my own, but because you should consider what your answer is. My opinion is not without flaws, nor is it closed for debate. Sometimes my own insight into the worlds idiosyncrasies isn't yet the complete picture, and some details may never emerge to the full scrutiny of Joe Public... National security and all that "eyes only", "top secret", "must be eaten", "red-tape" leaves many holes in the plot because if it were all openly admitted there'd be hell to pay.


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