Saturday, 14 November 2015

Am I Still Charley?

No, and I never was.

So it would appear that they sacked Paris, apparently over prostitution and obscenity... Despite that I've heard of no hookers in the headcount. I would think a more likely target to be Amsterdam or even Las Vegas to lash out at for such reasons, but then I'm not much of an event organiser.

Retribution doesn't make much sense either when you consider U.S. coalition air strikes have been dropping weapons and supplies instead of bombs, unlike Russia... I have to assume this is intended to keep the charade out of focus and keep up appearances of how effective the (ineffective) ZATO campaign has been. Admittedly, I could still be very wrong in my conclusions as I have only read a couple of MSM featurettes this far. One thing is certain everybody wants in on this photo opportunity.

There is still the fact that most successful terror attacks were not carried out by supposed terrorist groups at all, but we are not supposed to remember such details. Something I just saw on the idiot box: a Syrian passport was found near one of the suicide bombers.... I'd love to know how terrorists manage to obtain these indestructible paper booklets... I mean, they found passports 12 blocks from the utterly destroyed WTC which had survived exploding planes and falling skyscrapers...


Oh, wait, there's talk of heightened security at 'soft targets'... I guess this was needed so we could be strip-searched prior to being seated at popular pubs and eateries. Oh, and let's not forget the complete lack of public support for carpet bombing Syria, Landdestroyer has it pretty well illustrated already, no sense rewriting everything.


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