Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pencil-pushed Imbalance

The news wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it didn't posit stupid questions like "Only in Vancouver?" with complete amnesia over the fact that 3 days ago, we found out it also happens in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. I'm pretty sure amnesia is the culprit in lowering the prime rate so soon after declaring us not in a recession (though, technically in a recession, ??? Dafuq did I just say?) despite every economic pointer stating the opposite. But, at least they don't seem to be trying to sugar-coat things... Unless it's actually worse than "expect banks to screw you", not that this expectation thingy is really news, but rather a motto to live by.

It's to early in the morning for all this math talk, my head hurts.

The politically correct camp is really pushing to erase a flag from the annals of history. If only they'd try to eliminate what the flag represents via education instead of the symbol itself we might be in a better state. But that would likely unify us as people who aren't corrupted to the core to the point of realising those who are have a numeric disadvantage to a unified rest of us... They don't teach that kind of math in schools because, well, schools teach that the authority figure knows more than you and must therefore know what they are talking about.

Deprogram, unplug, retrain yourself. This is the information age regardless of the massive piles of disinformation spread about for mass consumption -or- growing mushrooms.

If you look at it all long enough, eventually you can smell the dank compost scent on the untruths. The truth never needs justification to exist and doesn't attempt to hide behind weak and incomplete arguments. The truth, despite any amount of desire on our parts to not be true, cannot be proven wrong with a simple examination of presented evidence.

The truth is that society is evolving to find ways to counter the old guard. Maybe it's not fully there yet, but you can feel the push-back as local communities adapt their way around the coldness of this one planet one economy with not not enough work or money to accommodate every one of us. Slowly we're coming around to the idea that we aren't a number on an imbalance sheet to be pencil pushed into insolvency or early graves, we're human beings and we share a common interest in not being minimised.

This is why there is so much mainstream pressure and focus on anything that makes us different and incompatible. Murder is sensationalised most when race, religion, or gender can be indicated and monetised otherwise it's a minor blip in the local news like '2 drunks in a knife fight, 1 died'... Nothing to see here, move along... This is also why there is so much focus is shone upon the outermost fringe of of society.

I won't deny that there is plenty of 'feeling like you don't fit in' to go around in a world that so desperately wants to alienate us from ourselves as I've never felt I fit in here either, I'm simply not busy convincing myself that it's because my vagina hangs to the left and my ovaries are somehow below it producing sperm. And I don't feel myself better than anyone else for having the realisation that I'm much happier not trying to fit in, even if I no longer attempt to explain my actions or reactions to those closest to me. Either people accept who I am or they don't, I don't have the time to wait until someone is willing to listen, so I speak when I have something to say.

Hmmm... I think I've run out of things to say presently.


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