Monday, 5 October 2015

Moderate Extremism and Other Idiosyncratic Iconoclasms

Well, my news reader is all kinds of fucked up, so I am not certain what is going on out there. I am aware that Russia is getting involved in Syria because any headline to that effect was repeated plagiarised no less that four times back to back. Obviously, there is nothing more important to the banker owned media than someone sticking their nose into the banker created crISIS situation. Meanwhile, in Canada, there is some confusion, you see, there is little point fighting your own creation... Maybe, we'll start openly funding them as they do to our south.

Now, maybe that's always been the plan, as I'm certain all the goading was intended to lead here. However, I'm inclined to think claims should still fit a timeline. I have been known to have high expectations at times, so it's possible that I am asking too much. Speaking of goading, and while also proving points made in the 1st paragraph, yet, still asking myself why McCain is still relevant and limelighted... Nope. No answer materialised when I wrote the question... I half expected a blimp, or plane flying a banner... I guess I'll have to live with the 2 word answer: FOX news. The spin machine is certainly in high gear, and with any luck, they'll simply fall face down into a puddle of their own vomit.

And the band plays on. Not that I would call futures, speculation, or derivatives wealth because most of the money on the roulette table evaporates as soon as the ball stops.

Apparently, secret trade deals have been finalised, and I'm lead to think it was under duress. Amazingly we've still not been told much outside of 'history will look back on this as a great thing'... Mulroney likely said similar about NAFTA, which is why his kid is hosting entertainment news instead of running for prime minister. Thus far, from what I have read, 'labour mobility' sounds far too innocuous to be, well, innocuous... Maybe it's just my political correctness radar that's too sensitive, and maybe it's dead right. Time will tell, and we shall see.

Maybe I won't even be here to care, but, I can't figure out where I'd go... Can I claim refugee status elsewhere if I have no citizenship, or passport from anywhere? Better question, do I still have to pay taxes? There are certainly some grey areas to be found down this rabbit-hole.


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