Monday, 2 November 2015

The Show Must Go On

It seems that I need to write more often... I was going to mention something about a billion dollar bailout and how it probably would backfire... Too late... I've just rechecked the numbers, and, well, I'm not all that late to the table, but, rather, the announcements are only a couple of days apart. I've also all also run some numbers and figure with the 8.2 million people here, and 1 billion of our dollars invested, we should all receive our 100 stocks in bombardier Inc. in the mail shortly... Because then we can be charged the capital gains taxes that the government will need to make up for the fact they didn't have a billion dollars to begin with... If I had a billion dollars, if I had a billion dollars I'd buy you a green dress, but not a real green dress: that's cruel.

Pragmatic, I know, and even optimistic since there is an already speculation against the theory of gaining anything. Of course with 8 million equal shareholders suddenly added, or even a billion in shares in government holding, fat cats would get fatter and we'd be left holding an unfinished jet and penny stocks.

There really is no winning while we continue to play by the rules of a game they created. This much should be obvious by now. There is a deliberate setup, failure by design, because nobody could really be so inept.

Maybe that's wishful thinking since I've met people that inept more than once, one of them was even called 'manager', which is what I'm told is a title bestowed on those who cannot do whatever needs to get done. Not that I think the figureheads are truly managing anything at all, simply maintaining appearances so that the show may go on.

Sidebar: I've just read this and cannot figure out how not being able to open a bank account or get a credit card is a bad thing... Not that I agree with centralised tracking of 'human capital' either, but the writer really needs to better contextualise his subject matter... Anyhow... Moving on

I know why my writing has slowed. It's very simple. There is so much that is simply more of the same that it holds no merit to write about it again, and when it isn't at all the same it still boils down to the same base components. I started hearing the record skip and no amount of rephrasing tallies to more or less than the original sum. Sure there are blank spaces where the paint-by-numbers were missing, and they always will be, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough picture to extrapolate it's remainder.

The principals remain true to themselves throughout which is to say they lie in in total inverse of reality we already know whose side we are on even if we continue to claim otherwise, and despite knowing the lie is who we thought ourselves to be. It's not possible to be both for and against the same thing at the same time yet they manage to do it via our apathy.

People are to busy singing the praises of freedom nation where you have to piss in a cup for a job and get ass-violated in order to travel because terrorists, while most terrorist are armed and trained by freedom nation to be what we call terrorists while not bombing us: freedom fighters. I think it's important to remember how language works for just a moment... Fire fighters and crime fighters fight against the prefixed noun, pit fighters and cage fighters fight in the prefixed noun... So what the hell are freedom fighters?!!


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