Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sunshine, Rainbows, and McCarthyism

I admit it, I do not twitter. Which means I could be wrong here, but, isn't the service a 'one-liner post some random thought to the publicly viewable internet' type of thing? If I am correct in this assumption, then this type of thing should not be happening. Obviously while the internet is viewable by the general public, every single word posted to it could, potentially, be aiding the enemy... Though, the definition of enemy is kind of a grey area in present times while posting a one-liner that a group may read is criminal yet selling or giving that same group weapons is not. One simply needs to read the signs to see the picture emerge, provided you are taught how to read, which you likely are not.

Some information age this is turning out to be while, we revert to days where clerics controlled the information by being the only ones who could decipher the strange glyphs on a page of papyrus and it was criminal to even gaze upon the page were you not a member of that class which knew only to read every second line so as not to publicly announce the true intent of the scripture.

New-age McCarthyism meets Salem witch trials in new Sodom. Confuse the distracted masses with objects so shiny they reflect darkness...

I witnessed a commercial yesterday reflecting the new normal and highest standard of living we are expected to achieve: "You bought your car. You named it Fred. You loved Fred. He survived 2 boyfriends and 3 jobs, until, 4 years later, you totaled Fred. Then your Allstate agent calls you to tell you 'how easily replaceable Fred actually was, and life is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns'." Yes, I am paraphrasing, mostly because I had to stop listening before throwing the television, which I don't own, out a second story window. Consider the statement made by the young supposedly heterosexual and fertile lady about the state of the nuclear family and job security that she's more broken up about failing to maintain a relationship with an inanimate object which she owns (or the bank still owns, this portion was not made clear). I was rendered speechless by the undertones in this attempt to sell car insurance... I, kind of, still am. Of course, I suspect the homosexual version should start airing soon where Allstate covered the funeral arrangements and expenses, the remainder of the mortgage, and the university degree of an adopted Chinese daughter, after the sudden death of someone's life-partner. But I digress...

Well, this post took a sudden turn... But, as we'll soon be forced to say in this province, c'est la vie.


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