Monday, 29 June 2015

Backdoor Tango with Sexually Deviant Eunuchs

I am quite certain that we've been told for decades that default backdoors do not exist in our devices, unless, they actually do, in which case... Well, um, I don't really have a case, and if my case were a Cisco product, I might have a Viking funeral for it.

The smart money is not going to listen to those who think they know smart money. Not that I think there is smart money, but, I'm less inclined to have faith in the 'everything's fine, go back to your own business' approach. I know they don't want to start a panic, unless it's in Greece, or Italy, and I think Portugal's pretty well on the verge of similar... Well, technically, everyone is very near to one missed debt payment from homeless, which is where the overall plan was leading us to. Correction, it's a plan. There are other plans so real you'll wonder if it's live, or Rolodex, or however the saying goes. I try not to figure out how these peoples minds work when buying twice as much for only 75% more cost was a good reason to vaccinate boys against cervical cancer... ............. Nope.. I'm going back to not trying, it hurts far less.

They are out in full force in order to assert their superior weaponry, because they know the veil is slowly being torn away, and we are less likely to go willingly unto our doom while they write checks nobody can cash. ... And I mean nobody has that kind of cash, I've checked the couch cushions, and found myself $49999.45 short of my portion of the 350 trillion... But I'll gladly send them the 55¢ I found there... Except that it costs more to mail it. Besides my math is still flawed in that I've counted newborns as having the same share, but, technically, so did they.

OK, maybe the veil isn't being ripped off quickly, like a band-aid, but it is becoming so much easier to to read between the lines and see the motives written in lemon juice while the pages are being backlit by yet another unseen force. It must be as frustrating as being a sexually deviant eunuch, to watch such plans unraveling so easily.

Speaking of unraveling, this has to be one of the shortest 'head of the bar association' appointments ever... I suppose being married to the minister of justice affords some gratuitous rug sweeping.


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