Friday, 19 April 2013

As the war machine turns

So many things and so little time... I'd love to pick a place to start but there is no real cohesive story to any of it... So it would appear that the static is back to being static.

I'm not sure if Boston was on my 'to-watch' list or not but there are certainly some odd coincidences. Everybody was present for the event, and a 'drill' similar to the event was being performed at the time. Then there was some anthrax ricin sent in the mail, and everybody has already told us who to blame, despite this, or this. I'm sure there is a word which describes all of this, and there's likely a reason too. I just can't seem to figure it out.

I can say that it's had quite the ripple effect... I mean how often do we get this AND this a day apart from each other? The first one I'd go so far as to call insanely paranoid... I mean, a suspicious package in a mall parking lot?!! So somebody put something on the roof of their car, got distracted, then drove off while it was still on the roof... End of story. I don't have any comments on the second one, yet, but obviously they will be making a case that they need another bomb robot or two sometime soon. Especially if these people keep pretending to be worried. Statistically, though, I don't think they really need one. Besides, aren't there cameras everywhere to keep us 'safe & secure' <I shudder at this prospect. because nothing makes me feel less safe and secure than feeling watched at all times>?

Then there's the financial sector... Now before you go listening to this or this, or even after you have, try to consider just how internationally linked these places are. It's all part of the great shell game where the money you deposited into the ATM is half-way around the world before you've even made it back to your car. Are we supposed to expect loyalty from these thieves? And at whose word? The economists who are still not calling it a bubble yet? I mean, seriously, does this make any sense? But 'don't worry', because banks have 'buffers'... My guess is that the word buffer is a fancy word for my positive bank balance (I really have to stuff that into my mattress soon) which would protect the bank the second too many people don't pay their debts, because if it was gold or silver then there is no buffer anymore. Not that such things weren't already hijacked by monsters but at least these things are something which is more than the nothing that paper tends to revert to eventually.

On the political side of things this guy and this guy are both fighting over this, while in reality guy number 2 is rethinking his choices in life which will likely mean the 1st guy doesn't have to do anything but shut up and mind his own business... That likely won't happen because he's a politician, and they are not known for knowing how to shut up... I had read that this guy was going to be a problem too, I just never mentioned it here... Of course in the meantime, these hypocrites may claim whatever they want while not acknowledging that there is a problem with the math here.

So instead we dump more money where there have always been problems, regardless of the fact that during the first 11 years this problem never happened. And I'm not sure who dreamt this up but I'm skeptical that it is helping very much, especially given the 3-week scope of the project... It's not that we should have expected any differently because less is more isn't it? If you knew Unix that last line would have been funny, until it wasn't, not that I'm laughing at any of it because the shit we're being force fed isn't tasting any better than it ever did, and even they know it. This charade continues only because it's all they know how to do at this time. Unless there's a pill for that, but I guarantee that these people do not worry about as much, and maybe they don't worry about anything at all... Why should they worry?

We're playing very dangerous games right now, but at least we've begun to see some super-heroes emerge in the process. Well, maybe they don't have super-powers unless you count living without a head for several days... Yeah, I'd count that. We really can't give up, because it's obvious that they aren't giving up any time soon... Just read the quote in that story, which claims a 750% price hike is 'reasonable', then add to that the fictitious story of how it will live 40 years, when not one has lived a single year yet, then ask yourself how many industrial solvents this person has been inhaling to equate this bullshit with something you'd buy many years later than promised... Then read further about visibility flaws and realize that this piece of scrap metal will be shot down in it's 1st flight into hostile territory... -OR- even worse, be shot down in friendly territory in training exercises with 'accidentally equipped' live ammunition... Just accept your losses and go the fuck away, please.

I can remember a day when there was an urban legend about hackers landing immediate jobs in places they had hacked. Obviously this was never true, but then again, what in this world has ever been true? Certainly not this as it implies some miraculous decade of peace and harmony just ended. Peace and harmony would not require these things at all, would it? Can you identify the 'terrorist'? Yes, he looked exactly like this:

Ha ha ha ha! I probably should have re-drawn the yellow box to depict
where the man touched me

I'd say the 'lull' is over and the machine is moving to crush us again, and crush these 3 countries especially... I could post more, since I presently have 800 unread items, and read almost 1000 items yesterday. But since I've already been writing this since yesterday, I have to find an end point somewhere... Here is as good a place as any. Adieu for now.


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