Thursday, 11 April 2013

The gravy train has been swapped out for the diarrhea wagon

I know the gravy train has left the station and has no intention of ever returning here. I've only been writing about it for several years now so I'm not going to gloat, nor piss and moan about it. But I'm certainly growing ever more impatient with this foolish waiting game. We appear to be in some dancing on eggshells while somehow walking a tightrope phase of things. Is it possible we have hit a stalemate?

I know, from the conversations I have with friends, family, and random strangers, as well as call in radio shows and random eavesdropping that people have no faith in politicians, corporations, banks, or any other thing that once was good (banks excluded, they've not had any history of ever being good) but is now an institution. Then in the other hand the masses are completely ignored by the politicians whom, are said to, work for all the "people" who have lost their faith.

Everybody can see there is zero credibility in a person all up in arms about this, when they've just gone and done this. Yet, somehow, these things continue to happen as if nothing happened yesterday as though some kind of memory wipe happened overnight.

why is that?

There is plenty of outrage building up on the side of the plebs as protests are becoming a near daily occurrence. All levels of Government are attempting to illegalize protesting in some way, shape, or form while failing to address the situations in the first place. Thus, causing the desire to protest even more, regardless of legality, which can only lead to one logical conclusion: violence. They can't really be that stupid, so this can only imply that they are waiting for us to make the first move in order to give them cause to outlaw everything and everyone who is not on the giving or receiving end of corporate felatio and ass greasing.

The outrage will grow even more when these people cannot even get a job here, since they are only replenishing 10%. Not that this is their fault persay, I am simply citing an example to illustrate that the class war is edging ever closer toward its ultimate goal and nothing we've done so far has even slowed its progress. Soon it will be obvious who is who when there are those asking about fries and those who can actually afford to eat them but by that time we may not have enough strength left in our malnourished bodies to fight anymore.

I don't expect much from my own personal employment situation at this point regardless of how I change my approach. Employers are holding all the cards and can now ask any outlandish credentials for any job, then, when they cannot fill them (because that Canadian person with a bachelors degree cannot afford their student loan payments on $10 an hour) they apply for workers visas to get the workers who are able to afford to work for peanuts, or, they simply move to where the cheap labour is available. It's an engineered problem that is easily solved by not engineering the problem to begin with. In 2 short generations we've gone from people with a grade 4 education having worked their whole lives in building up companies into international powerhouses that will not hire anybody with a grade 4 education, who then complain that nobody knows how to work in an international powerhouse corporation built by grade 5 drop-outs!!!


Yes, exactly... Thank about it. How many of our grandparents even finished high school? 25% 50%? The number doesn't actually matter so long as it isn't 100%. If 100% of our grandparent had bachelors degrees, then I would simply call myself stupid and beg for scraps of rotting meat outside the butcher's shop, but that simply isn't the case... You see many of our grandparents had to drop out of school (especially during the great depression, which was a truly evil plan by the banks) to get jobs to help pay the rent, then they went on to land in a corporation from which they retired. Then that same corporation replaced them with people with college and university degrees. Of course this causes 2 new problems:

  • The first one being: your grandfather learned everything he knew about his job by showing up for it and getting his hands dirty, he did not train a teacher how to instruct others on how to do his job so there is no exact course anybody can take to know what he knew.
  • The second one being: with everybody now needing a degree, there is no rarity in highly educated people devaluing the whole basis of getting an education to a formality of sorts...

So what do you think happens to those who are less educated when the highly educated are devalued? They become nothing: the welfare class that everybody likes to berate with foolish statements like 'why don't they just get a job?' or equally stereotypical rhetorical nonsense. Be careful how you treat that 'lazy slob' because they might be you.

Sooner or later none of this logic will even sound far fetched, but once everybody is asking how we got here it's going to be too late to fix it. It's time to get organized, the government has no plans to fix any of it because it is working as intended.


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