Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I live in the cage of your beliefs. It's a world I neither built nor chose to reside in, yet there it is, everywhere.

It's a world void of justice or harmony where terrorist boogeymen and bankers collude amongst themselves buying politicians at wholesale prices. Every perversion is just a couple of channel clicks away to keep you comfortably distracted and unfocused on the goings on that are going on.

I am no longer a number in it. Statistically, I am nobody: neither employed, nor unemployed.

I'm expected to pay taxes with money I cannot create out of thin air, to those who can create money out of thin air to pay for services I've never used while being denied access to the only services I actually need, and to pay the salaries of people I did not vote for. I get to pay extra so that tax exempt child molesters are allowed to live in sanctuary while selling redemption and preaching morals from a decaying pulpit.

I pay for corporations who don't hire me to pay out bonuses to those who can't read the writing on the wall, and failed to comprehend that nothing can be status quo forever and continue to thrive endlessly unadaptive, yet persist in using moronic phrases like 'think outside the box'.

My past labours are the cornerstone in an ivory tower that security guards are paid minimum wage to prevent me from entering.

Many out there can see it, many out there talk about it, but still everybody appears to be content to find their place within it. Mindlessly they latch on to some old cliché about voting, or boycotting, or protesting without coming to terms with the fact that these avenues all lead to exactly where we are now, but with less energy than we had before we travelled them. Unsuspecting or unaware that this energy drain means these avenues are working as intended.

What is freedom?

Freedom is not something that is given away, freely. Freedom can only be earned, or stolen, and those of us who've been sold the lie that we were born into freedom have not been earning it, so it can only stand to reason that it is being stolen from us.


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