Friday, 12 April 2013

The fictional disparity between you and I

I've just had a major deja vu. Yesterday I went off on a tangent about this fake disparity between available jobs and qualified workers, and I hadn't even read anything about this topic yet. It's not, so much, a surprise that it's happening. No the surprise is that it's getting media coverage. In some cases it's getting so much attention that some rich and powerful monsters are having to back-paddle and put on their best compassion act. Not to worry though, because they don't think profits will be hurt... Maybe because they'll just turn around and do this.

Which brings me back to a question of stalemate. I didn't pay it much attention yesterday when I asked it, possibly because I don't actually think it's really deadlocked. I think it's more likely that the larger plans to destroy the economy and sovereignty of nations has had to go on the back burner until they've figured out how to shut off the internet but still use it to move cash to the Caymans... Which is no simple task to say the least. Obviously using copyright and intellectual property lawsuits have worn thin and three or six strikes systems are too slow, and not actually effective since I could simply blog post from a coffee shop, which might also be used to move cash to the Caymans from...

Obviously a new diversion is needed to distract us from what's actually going on, and so we've seen some recently created boogeymen being flogged about, even if they aren't so recently created. But recency was never the point of any of this because the point was really just to be pointing anywhere but here whenever the man behind the curtain needs to take a piss. I tend to believe that the war on truth will not be determined by how many bullets anybody owns, but rather that the truth cannot be tarnished by lies if left out in the open air.

Things become more obvious as more and more accounts become due and soon enough we'll either beleive this, or we will beleive the exact opposite. While some other things are already very obviously out of whack already. Ultimately everything boils down to where to safely store your outrage until you've found the best time and place for it to be put to good use. Mine is spent right here in an effort to serve as an example, whether good or bad, for others to draw from because voting does not work, and the results we're getting from all the protests appear negligible at best.


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