Friday, 19 April 2013

and that's all I've got to say about that

Some days I think I was finished getting upset only to turn around and realize that I'm really not. An hour has gone by since my last post, then I stumble upon this. I am happy that one of the commenters points out that we do have laws against the distribution of pictures involving minors engaged in sexual acts, but it simply isn't enough to prevent me from seeing the obvious... Joe public is pointing out legislation that an elected legislator should be expected to know already!!!

Yes this idiot's title is justice minister, and he feels we need a law that would have illegalized an illegal act.

Sounds really stupid when it's all laid bare like that, doesn't it?

It's funny how nobody wants anything to do with something until it's gone public and those whom the justice system failed, have died of self-inflicted injuries. I worry even more that this 'new' law which is extremely vague in it's description in this news story would criminalize my desire to text him a photo of me mooning him, with a caption 'suck it!'?

And why does the media not bother to mention that the distribution of 'kiddie porn' is already illegal? Wait, here's one and another that do, but they still miss the point of enforcing laws that do exist... What does Canada's answer to the FOX NEWS Network think? I expected as much, no mention of existing laws at all. Distribution has a pretty clear definition though I prefer the word disseminate as it is much more concise, and is unbroken by technologies new or old.

Bullying has gotten out of hand in this country (and others) without adding documented and distributed evidence of sexual assault into the mix. I suspect a larger plan at work though, because I generally do... That plan was to slowly desensitise our youth, and kill human empathy over the course of generations. Because in all seriousness, there's been a rise in the number of 'little bastards' who seemingly couldn't give two shits about anything outside their own tiny little minds and feel no greater sense of accomplishment than when they've made someone else cry... Yet, smacking these little fuckers upside their smug little heads is illegal. Are we trying to ensure little shitbags grow up to become big shitbags, or what?


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