Sunday, 14 October 2012

Walk your own path

I tend to subscribe to the idea that my view of the world is fairly unique. True, others might see portions of the whole, but then bizarrely suggest that the solution to a particular problem is something I would identify as yet another problem. Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. Or between two rocks and four hard places, 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other, however you choose to measure it is irrelevant. It's like attempting to quit drinking by taking up recreational cocaine use: it ends badly.

So when it's suggested that the answer to the world's ills is the mass return to religion, I tend to stop reading whatever I was reading. I sometimes even go so far as to unsubscribe from the author outright. Religion has been a system of control since the dawn of written language... In fact, in the very early days of written language only the clerics and monks were taught to read and write. Which I would call not only censorship and thought control, but actually stalled the growth of technology and human knowledge during this practise. How do you like them apples

And just how many people have been killed in the name of some deity because they believed in a different deity? Religious wars have been too numerous to count throughout all of time. Some have been so foolish as to be Catholics vs. Protestants: both who read the same book and believe in the same God. WTF? 

And then there's the women. Almost every religion I can think of has or still does consider women to be inferior. I cannot think of any good reason for this other than control. Seriously, who tells half of their believers that they are inferior and actually thrives for centuries? I cannot wrap my mind around it. It's crazy!! 

Now let's look at yet another idiosyncratic religious dogma. Usury was actually considered a sin by most religions at one time or other, the reason for this is quite obvious when looking at all the doom and gloom economic outlooks and forecasts. Politicians are obviously on the banker's payroll and so are the religious leaders, because one group absolves the bankers crimes while the other absolves the bankers sins. And yet both groups beggar us for money while skipping over the bankers who are the true owners of all money. 

And that is how I see the world. The trinity of control: finance, law, and morality all working against us. Religion has been losing followers for a reason. 

That's not to say that all aspects of religion are bad, because there is the "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you", which makes perfect sense. Trouble is that the world doesn't do this at all anymore because the present motto is "to the victor go the spoils" or maybe it's simply "mine, mine, mine". Yes we are a culture of self-absorbed, greedy, gluttonous, thoughtless, zombified, nearsighted, forgetful, uncourteous, envious, violent, sociopaths. And our leaders are even worse. 

Believe in God if you must, but find your own way to define God. If an invisible and all powerful entity created the universe and everything in it, do you really think that entity would have wanted us killing in its name? These prejudices against people who believe in God differently were created by men a long time ago as a means of control, and now serve to distract us from seeing the true evil happening all around us. 

From my point of view, entry into the afterlife shall be judged on how clear my conscience is.


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