Friday, 19 October 2012

Atlas needs Robax Platinum®

The world has felt heavier than normal this week. It's possible that this flu has just been kicking my ass, and my sluggishness has given me the perspective of a heavier world, but that doesn't sit properly in my gut. Especially when combined with my inability to stop blogging. So, I couldn't really be all that sluggish if I'm reading the same volume of information, and writing more than normal. Could I?

But if there is more to this heaviness, what could that 'more' be? It isn't even as though it's only me, because I've been observing unusual reactions from people around me as well. People who are normally quite calm appear tense and over-stressed. I'm starting to think I need to take a closer look into all this Kali Yuga talk in Les Visible's writings. Not that Vis has given me reason to doubt his sanity, but that he sometimes speaks over my head where words sound pretty but don't resonate inside of consciousness long enough to become a cohesive thought pattern.

Undoubtedly, the invisible killer: stress, has its signature all over the place, but which trigger has been pulled? There are so many to choose from. My city has had a rash of shootingsfire bombings, police brutality, and let's not forget the protests. My province has gone headlong into language and class wars, and is finding corruption under every rock it's willing to overturn. My country is assaulting individual rights, privacy, liberty, and all while towing the Zionist propaganda on Iran and Muslims in general. And the world at large is simply being crushed under the weight of lies stretched too thinly to be anything but transparent. Oh, And I forgot about the public spectacle of staged porn violence on the airwaves.

Maybe it's everything at once, and the public mindset is rapidly shifting to the dark place I've lived in for years. The place where I used to feel ostracized  relegated to obscurity for the unpopular belief that this system is phony and was configured to turn the energy of the good-willed into the profits of evil. Maybe it's even worse than that.

I can't see where this leads, but maybe that's a good thing, since most of my premonitions and conclusions lead to worse places than the present. Maybe it is simply unwritten at this time and leads to choices I don't yet understand. Maybe the years spent observing will transform into years of decisive and deliberate actions... Maybe I'm dying but am not yet aware of it. There has been an abundance of death in the air this past month, and that can have odd effects on the psyche.

There are so many "could be(s)" when the equation contains absolutely no mathematical operands, that it actually opens the impossibles to the realm of possibilities. But given the heaviness of it all, I doubt unicorns will come into play. Other mythical entities, maybe, just not unicorns.


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