Tuesday, 20 August 2013

a bus trip through the 3rd world?

So I resorted to an old strategy, which predates the internet, I used to use for finding work. Go through an industrial park and wallpaper it with applications and resumés in hopes that someone would call back... I will assume that I picked the wrong industrial park since I could not find a single block that had no visible 'for rent' or 'for sale' sign throughout my journey, which I took the liberty of cataloguing as a photo journal... Rather than bore you to tears with a slideshow of poor photography taken mostly from the seat of a bus, I compiled it all into a single contact sheet which displays the map of the journey:

For the purpose of scale, an entire runway at the airport is clearly visible on the map
That airport is an international airport, and not some rural cessna airstrip.

Those are all the for rent or for sale signs I was able t get a picture of... Sometimes there were signs on opposite sides of the bus, and I deleted some which were completely obscured, and still ended up with about 32 signs... And not a single "we're hiring" sign in sight... I went back to one of the more promising streets to be turned away at every door. You would think that an area which is between an airport, and the train yards (not shown) would be much more sought out real estate for industry... I mean there is no lack of hotels along route 520 and not a whole lot of sight-seeing to be found in an industrial park, which a majority of the displayed map is, so what gives?

Even looking at the parking lots was a good tell-tale sign of how little industry there is in this industrial park as many seemed to be under 10% full, so, either nobody works there, or nobody working there can afford a car.

I'm not picking and choosing here as I can no longer afford to do so, but didn't 1st world nations earn the nickname of 'industrialized nations' for having industries? I just trekked through a good 40% of the largest industrial zone I know of to establish that it's practically a ghost town... How did that happen? When did that happen? Is everybody who presently has a job now working in the retail and service sectors? Actually, if I consider people I know, relatives, and family extensions and exclude anybody still working at my last employer (which was a manufacturer), then I know almost nobody that 'makes' anything...

I know waiters and waitresses, store clerks, chefs and cooks, sales people, office clerks in banks and insurance companies, IT people, government employees or other civil servants, military personnel, and a number of people working for commercial airlines, people in Telcos and ISPs, day care providers, bus drivers, cab drivers, truck drivers, real estate agents, mechanics, landscapers, event organizers, retirees, students, photographers, artists (the starving variety), and people who work at importers or shipping companies... I can think of maybe 6 people who work at manufacturers if I exclude the 200 or so I just spent 5 years working with, who are still working there, and 3 of those 6 used to work there but changed jobs to a different manufacturer...

Are we still an industrialized nation?



  1. Do we still want to be an industrialized nation?


    "The shaman people that inhabited North and South America prior to its brutal Anglo European takeover built a vast and organized civilization. They lived in structured societies that were democratic and very connected with spirituality and nature. There was very little sickness and they had medicinal plants for every condition which were far superior to today’s pharmaceuticals. The indigenous people were extremely happy, things like depression, mental illness, crime or greed were not nearly as prevalent in their culture, as is seen in ours.

    ...the kind of mass violence seen in the west was certainly not present. There were many different tribes scattered throughout North and South America...it was literally a whole new world inhabited by a vast network of societies each with their own unique culture.

    One common myth about the native people is that they had no respect for property rights or trade. In reality native cultures had complex systems of trade which even included various currencies, using anything from shells to animal pelts...

    To say that there was just one civilization here before colonization began would be a disservice to the diverse culture of the pre Columbus Americas. Making the generalization that every tribe in that hemisphere was the same would be like saying that Canada, Mexico and the United States had identical cultures today.

    Contrary to the Europeans claims that the Americas were a vast uninhabited wilderness*, there was actually a massive native population that numbered in the hundreds of millions**.

    Traces of this large population seemed easy enough to destroy at first, considering the natives put a great deal of care into making as little an impact on their environment as possible. However, as time passes archaeologists are continuing to uncover evidence that the pre-Columbus civilizations were much more advanced and populated then the historical record tells us."

    * The Balfour letter was based on Palestine being a few Arab tribes in an otherwise empty desert.

    ** In ca 1550 Egypt had 6 million inhabitant, now is 80 million. The 85 million slaughtered indigenous Americans would now be half a billion.

    We Anglo-Europeans killed a beautiful culture living in harmony with nature and each other instead of learning from it. The polluted, debased, violent and corrupt American culture of today is what we have achieved.

    Shut it all down and let the continent and the world heal. We failed miserably through greed and usury. Our continent is a toilet and our families and our relation with Gaia and God are broken.

    Don't fluff this comment off with a 'More free beer is the solution' comment. You're Canadian like me born in Quebec. If you respond, please make it real.

    Glenn Dormer

    1. I agree it was great criminal travesty that occurred in the European settlement of the Americas. I often wonder if there would have been a way to have peacefully coexisted with the natives were we not so greedy and underhanded.

      But then I consider all of the technologies and cultural differences between the societies of the time and think that our even being here would have changed their society for the worst. What did we have to offer their society? Hunting with guns, distilled alcohol, usury, sedentary 'immovable' towns, mills, smiths, and lets not forget sin because it's likely the worst part. They had a balance with nature because they understood the logic of eating the last existing caribou, we had rules that were against God and not necessarily of logical consequences because in those days "thou shalt not kill" was so inverted that most people in those days were killed in the name of God (though we are more likely to be able to point out the hegemony in retrospect). Some tribes did farm which lead to fixed villages, but a great number were hunters meaning they lived in teepees and easily moved structures in order to easily follow the food, while we were already corralling ours meaning we never had to ask where that big herd of bison went to.

      I'm inclined to believe that even had we coexisted peacefully, our very existence in the Americas would have influenced and rapidly changed their culture for the worse as they were drawn into certain conveniences... But I am more convinced that it's all the missionaries and priests who simply could not be satisfied by all these 'Godless savages' and who would never allow any balance or equilibrium to set in between the cultures... Ultimately they were a threat to the power of the church because they could not be controlled by the 'fires of hell' scorn of a jealous and vengeful God (don't even get me started on how these so-called 'christians' simply need to ask forgiveness, as I have no idea why that never seems foremost in their minds when doling out scorn and brimstone)...

      I think the end results regardless of how it happened, or who started it, or how long it took had very limited possibilities from the start... Europeans were already brainwashed sheeple, but were servants to the church instead of the media while they were actually servants (serfs) to the the seigneur, or duke, or whatever they were called in New Spain...

      To some extent, their culture did also influence ours... We never held 'elections' prior to inhabiting the Americas, did we? No all 3 of the major countries at play in the 'settlement' of the 'new world' were monarchies, and two of them (regardless of what they choose call it now) still are with their King Juan Carlos I and Queen Elizabeth II.

      I'm not proud of this heritage, but the only way it would not have played out to eventually end up exactly where we presently are, would have been if we never came here in the first place... We were a plague on their society whether we willfully killed them, they unwillingly became infected with something their immune system couldn't deal with, or they willfully integrated but those were the only three choices we left them with. Die, die, or integrate wasn't much of a choice, was it?

      (more to follow)

    2. And to answer another question you've put forth: No I am not a big fan of industrialization, but I don't think present day society could cope with a sudden resurgence of the dark ages (pre-electricity, pre-running water, because one requires the other) either... This would lead to plague, pestilence, and rioting, because there are not enough people who know how to hunt, farm, fish, drill for water, build shelter, tan hides and condition pelts, or any other of these basics because we've all been so far removed from the process in our hunting and gathering at the local grocery store...

      Any with these skills would be overrun by 'mob rules' in a crowd so desperate for something to eat they'd kill to get it with no thought to next week...

      This is the 'now' generation, remember?

      Maybe the electricity would run for a while after the food supply-chain was broken, but since so much electricity is still reliant on oil, gas, or coal, how long would not be a question of months or years because that is yet another 'just in time' supply-chain (as is evidenced any time you pass a gas station whose price is listed as 000.0¢/ℓ, as has been occurring with a growing frequency)... Industry of every type no longer wants to be caught holding the bag on raw materials thanks to the taxman... And there it is, the second prong of an engineered collapse staring blankly and nakedly in our faces as though it were a debt on a debt, an accelerant designed to put out the fire by dousing it with kerosene.

      --There ain't no free beer, nor was there ever.


    3. Merci beaucoups.

  2. We "Jew" worshipping Anglo-Europeans killed a beautiful culture {idea} living in harmony with nature and each other instead of learning from it.


    The polluted, debased, violent and corrupt American culture of today is what we have achieved....by incessant and uncompromising "Jew" worshipping....since well you could trace it back a long way...even before Cromwell.


    it really is a manifestation of inverted logic...1st world Nations the

    http://independence.net/amdocs/...who owned the slave ships...?

    industrialized..."Christian West"...are the "Children of Israel" a "Company" of nations...hijacked by the money changers & Pharisees ....


    and without the compliance of the BROTHERHOOD {Judeo-Freemasonry} there certainly would have been a different "REALITY"....altogether...


    SEE ALSO Matthew 13 and the parable of the wheat & Tares wherein Jesus tells about the GNASHING OF TEETH....as the "TARES" are tossed in the OVENS.


    eventually the language will be purified to cure double mindedness....and the economic refugees can return with full "money" bags to their HOME countries...

    that's the Plan.

    1. Usury truly is the root of all evil which infects everything else it touches... It (borrowed money) is the de facto upon which every aggression, and every transgression was built. Throughout the ages names change, scapegoats morph, figureheads are replaced and very little of it has occurred without the money's say so. Until that is truly understood we are led to pasture and slaughterhouse in a fruitless effort to name names while we 'follow the money' into the bottomless and devoid of light pit from whence it emerged... Knowing who controls that process is only a beginning, understanding how (or best still, why) we are not to be controlled by the process is the ultimate goal.


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    1. Speaking of Linux, here's a short free novel released a couple of days ago I believe you will enjoy.


    2. not a bad read... It contains just enough fiction that it might even stay off the radar. I had to laugh when I read this in the disclaimer: 'Also, the character Arnold Parker is not one of the Koch brothers and Van de Groot is not George Soros'.