Friday, 23 August 2013

Statistically speaking, you've likely already stopped reading this sentence

There are times where I wonder if that BEMDAS rule of operations in mathematics might actually apply to space time... I have altered nothing about the order of the following headlines in my "NEWS" category in my subscriptions and yet this RANDOMLY (har-de-har-har) appears in a sequential fashion:

These articles from the same news source, on the same day within 30 minutes of each other would appear to be complete contradictions... Go on, look at the published times posted in the stories found here and here, and follow whatever logic you see fit... I am already dizzy and have decided I no longer want to think about it, outside of the fact that somebody is fudging the numbers somewhere along the line since both cannot be true at the same time in the same economy unless 4x3²+2=324 or 196 instead of 38... Or, maybe I have simply forgotten how to math... What I am undecided about is which side of this is selling us something we did not want not need.

I'm sure there is some reliance on the fact that '6 out of 4 people don't understand statistics and the other 2 are just plain stupid' at play here, and I am going to continue to cite this as a scientific fact whether it is or not. Prove me wrong if you want to, but I will do that fingers in my ears "na, na, na, I can't hear you!" thing, simply because I feel like it... Maybe there is some truth to the science here, but there is also a pointed argument which indicates 'wood' is a much more difficult resource to 'meter', or 'control', or 'tax' at the other end of the spectrum... Oddly enough it's also the most quickly renewed 'fuel' known to exist so where the fuck are all the 'environmentalists'?

Never mind... I guess this is why they call themselves 'tree-huggers'. And while I am speaking of trees, who does this?!! Well, I suppose that can be added to the maple syrup, garlic, and corn silo heists (linked in the story) making Quebec thieves some pretty unusual yet highly industrious and inventive folks.

Is it just me who sees this headline, and suddenly gets Monty Python's lumberjack song in his head? That was probably the both the point and the punchline at the same time as this sequel appears to already have displayed. Whatever the case, it's certainly something that leaves a gaping hole for the imagination to interpret. Maybe it means 'Jack's got your back', or maybe it means 'somebody else was steering the whole time', but it certainly is a wide girth for interpretation, isn't it?

Some things require much less imagination though, like, why 'court order' a company to resume business operations with a company that's not likely to pay it's bills? On second thought, maybe I simply don't have enough imagination to understand any possible benefit to anyone outside of MM&A's board of directors... Maybe I lack the vision inherent in those too greedy to see the inevitable, which is a good explanation as to why I am bordering on dead-broke... But I am happy that the comments to this story thus far have reflected pretty near versions of my own opinion on the matter.

I know I have mentioned a great many times, to no result, that the housing bubble will burst... Well... Wait no more. The avalanche should begin in a couple of months... I hadn't even read the entire story when this paragraph spat right in my eye:

Canada had a huge influx of foreign capital when the Fed started its buying program in 2009 and when it slows its bond buyback, that capital will head back to the U.S., Rabidoux said.

Why bother to hide it anymore? Nobody pays attention, do they? Of course they don't, if they did they'd realize that we have gossip columns masquerading as headline news with little truth nor reality to be found.

In closing, I will leave you to make up your own minds what 'opting out' of a 'Quebec charter of values' means, personally, I don't think this charter of values holds a whole lot of value and would rather that they use our money to fix the damned roads already. Though I am entertained by the realization of just who appears to be the most up in arms against it already.


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