Monday, 12 August 2013

I HOPE you HATE this posting

I've realized through a recent conversation that HOPE no longer makes any regular appearance in my blog. That is not really to say that there is no hope left, since, the reality is hope is the only reason I have to do what I do, or to write what I write. That HOPE has always been to get the point across that REALITY is fundamentally broken. I don't offer the ultimate solution to correct the situation because I don't have all the answers, I don't know where nor when correcting the flaws ends, only where those corrections must begin.

I can't solve the debt crisis on my own, all I can do is point out that borrowing more money from Rothschild banks is how we got in this mess in the first place, so doing so again simply speeds up the decline into debt slavery. I alone cannot not believe in money as it exists today because everybody else does and so I have to speak out on such topics in hopes of making others realize that the beginning and end of a majority of all that is wrong was the money itself. When money is owned by private interests and issued at interest there is never enough money to pay back more than the principle, ever, because the interest did not create money. Further that to the point that when private interests own and print whatever amount of money they want there is nothing those same private interests cannot afford to own, infiltrate, or infect.

This is why the media rejoices about how Libyan rebels are so organized and self-assured to have already set up a Rothschild controlled central bank. This is why the media cares more about the stock market, than the price of a loaf of bread in terms of the labour cost required to afford it. The stock market is not a REAL thing, it is an artificial wealth exchange between wealthy speculators and gullible sheep led to a slaughter house. Until the walls and confinements of the present perception of reality have been broken down in enough minds, I am absolutely trapped here with the sheep.

I can claim to choose my path and go against the grain, but I can only go so far as the leash allows, because eventually, I have to pay for something using MONEY regardless of how non-consumerist I have become. In the end I am still a slave to money because no other form of payment is accepted.

Usury is considered a sin in every religion that's ever come into being, including judaism, except that in judaism it's only a sin when committed against other jews (as are so many other things according to the Talmud), so why is it only the Muslims who appear to remember this fact? Remember also, that 'Muslims' are 'the enemy' and ask yourself why? The answer has very little to do with 72 virgins or terrorism, as the wars have been openly reclassified as opposing states which are "against U.S. interests"... Maybe that change happened because nobody could keep a straight face anymore while the U.S. military-industrial complex strutted off to commit terrorist acts in order to fight terrorism in some bizarre 'fight fire with fire' tactic of what is now obviously a match of shadow boxing to the death...

No, I am trapped here, and my only power to fight it remains in my articulation of the problem in hopes of reaching others... And not others who are of like mind because I obviously don't need to preach to the choir... I need to put a dent in the colony of drones wandering around aimlessly consuming the latest fashion trend and watching whatever scripted reality their television claims is the really real world, and hope fades once the realization sets in that in the age of information, ignorance is a choice, and that the majority of people choose to care what goes on in the lives of the Cardassians and Honey Boo Boo's in this world... Your superior knowledge of what colour nail-polish Kim and Chloƫ are inclined to wear and your impressive famous person brand of plain white T-shirt are not something which you should feel give you the right to any smug superiority, they should be a source of ultimate shame. And I HOPE these words have offended somebody out there enough to become incensed at themselves.


-- in regard to the lack of links in this article: I HOPE you've heard of Google.

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