Sunday, 18 August 2013

X-files, the fall guy, and the pukes of hazzard(ous goods)

There has been an apparent admission that the honest and transparent government entities out there, will tell the same lies for as many years as they see fit, and blame whatever natural phenomenon they can dream up to make people who don't believe them sound like tinfoil-hat wearing wingnuts. I left behind the idea that E.T. lived @ Area 51 in favour of the more credible idea that it was an aerospace testing site, but I am not completely writing off the concept that maybe the original 'crash' could have been alien in nature... I simply don't push that idea because portions of it seem uncredible, the biggest of which being if there were some 'flying saucer', a type of aircraft we still cannot replicate, why have we not been able to replicate it yet? Think for a second about a helicopter as it works on a similar principle, but in order to remain stable and controllable, the helicopter requires a tail rotor otherwise the helicopter itself would begin to spin out of control... For that simple reason alone, I tend to write off the idea of aliens and alien technology. You can believe whatever you want on this issue, what I take away from the story is that 'a non-existent secret military base' does exist, and, someone's been telling lies about it for over 60 years.

How does that differ from any other thing that has brought about major questions or concerns like JFK and the Warren Commision, or 9/11, or the convenient and unproven (actually, easier to disprove) application of the number 6 million? From my perspective there is not much difference, whether I ascribe to this or that unofficial theory on any of these long understood fabricated realities doesn't matter all that much on the whole of the point that governments lie and attempt to make anyone who doesn't believe the lie look like a major nutbag... It's hard to prove or disprove things after the evidence has been stolen, and either hidden or destroyed, but some 'official stories' are not all that hard to poke holes into, and where there is one hole, you tend to find others nearby. Area 51's name could have been wrong in the 'myth' of it's existence which would have at least given some credence to there not being an Area 51, but it's location has long been known. Also because of it's massive secrecy, it's purpose of existing can only be concluded by the imagination which can convince us of a great many things that "I want to believe" as 'the X-Files' so often displayed as a tagline.

Since I do not want this entire post to be Area 51, I will leave the subject and move on to some of the many other things I've been ignoring for several days...

I have been hearing from a great many sources who understand money and financial collapse far better than I do that the smart money is in physical gold... I have begun to think that this statement is it's own falsehood. I think the smart money was in gold some time ago, like before the smartest money was in tungsten and fairy dust, thus making physical gold about as reliable as a bank vault for actually containing it's "perceived" value. I'd probably be safer investing in a bottle cap collection these days since there's always some idiot collecting something to which they apply more value than was it inherently worth. Not that I have money to invest in anything anyway, but felt I needed some analogous statement to make some kind of point. I apologize if I have offended any bottlecap collectors out there but sometimes an analogy requires a fall guy.

While I am on the topic of fall guys, it seems funny that at a time when much of the community I consider myself to be a part of has been not only distancing itself from, but actively calling out Alex Jones has a dis-info agent, that Alex Jones is now the media darling fall guy most convenient in this hour. I suspect we'll see more of this type of thing in the future as the media itself attempts to regain some credibility... Funny enough I don't disagree with most of the things they say about Alex sounding like a madman at al. I know it's an odd stance coming from me, to agree with the MSM, but every now and then it does happen...

There are some fall guys out there that don't make any sense at all. Like trying to hold a competing company liable for being in the same industry as a company that was too irresponsible to pay for their mistakes... Sure I detest the idea that a company caused such damage then, without paying a single cent towards the cleanup, starts the process of dumping the bill on the taxpayer via bankruptcy, but I don't see how that makes a company with zero involvement responsible. Why don't we try suing the owner of the 'oil' that was being transported for their negligence in finding a company to safely transport their hazardous goods? I'm sure there's a reason why that obvious and logical path is being skipped... I suppose we could ask Warren Buffett for his opinion, not that we'd get one.

It doesn't matter what I think about it anyway. We all know that the fake elites are the ones paraded off to justice in the end, while the real elites laugh at us, because the entire process is corrupted from start to finish. Why? Because the entire system was built and is financed by the elites!!! Is that fact not obvious yet? But that doesn't mean they don't all need a fall guy of some kind... Though I am somewhat appalled when the victim and the fall guy are one and the same. (I could be wrong here, but: isn't "hit-and-run" a crime in and of itself, which should be prosecuted by the state regardless of anything happening in 'civil courts'?) I say I could be wrong because sometimes the law really just sounds like some urban legend that became real in the eyes of it's denizens via prolonged exposure, like this 'democracy' where we get to vote 51-5 in favour of ditching the union and keeping our shitty Walmart jobs, while the supreme court takes no part in it. For the corporations, by the corporations, because corporations are people... But they are wealthy people and not just your average Joe.



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