Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gaddafi my desert you filthy vermin.

Not only is there a 2% difference here, but one of these will
take effect 4 months ago in some odd interdimensional travel

Sometimes the news gives me very good and obvious reasons to not believe in it. I suppose it's possible that there was a typo because these things can happen. Then I ask myself: if I manage to find most of my typos before I publish a simple blog post, how do they get through in an organization with a staff full of 'editors' and 'proofreaders'? Then that goes further down the road of kicking the can to land on: if the editors and proofreaders aren't really doing their job, what are the 'fact checkers' doing? I don't even have fact checkers, and yet I do my best to make sure that I am at least being honest with my readers, which, granted, might not always be enough to prevent the occasional psy-op or satire from slipping through, but I AM the staff, and I am not even paid enough (or at all) to give a shit... Yet I do.

Speaking of satire, I just read a headline so good, it didn't need a story... In fact, it didn't have a story.

Fact checking... Fact: Gaddafi was executed without a trial because? If your immediate answer was he was committing violence against his own people, then you've obviously been listening to the talking heads, and only the talking heads... The agenda is not freedom, if it was freedom we would not be losing our freedoms here at such an alarming rate. Here is an hour of worthwhile video about Libya and al Qaeda:

We want to declare it humanitarian to supply weapons to groups of 'rebels' while at the same time trying to declare weapons as the sole force responsible for the recent rash of school shootings in the humanitarian country that manufactures and sells them... Do you realize that towards the end of Gaddafi's rule that he began supplying weapons to the general population? Imagine what would happen if we did that in a 'civilized' and 'humanitarian' nation...

There has to be a reason all this is 'necessary' and don't give me that 'president of the free world' rhetoric

Imagine if "Occupy", or even 'the casserole protests' (the student protests in Montreal) protestors were all openly carrying AK-47s... That would have been a far greater number (or percentage) of 'armed militants' than anything we saw coming out of Libya, but they would have not been called 'freedom fighters', nor 'humaniratians'... They would have been called 'terrorists' and 'a militia of traitors' but when it happens in Libya, or Syria, or Tunisia, the words used are somehow different and the leaders of those countries become 'tyrants'. WHY? How does the name of something change based on it's locational context, what language tricks are we being played by? All of them, I suppose

Is it any wonder that the doublespeak is beginning to wear thin and causing some truly odd and inhuman behaviour out there? "Guns -Я- bad" remember? I can pull up a thousand stories of police all over the world behaving badly, yet we're the evil ones when this inevitably comes to happen. Where do you think this anger comes from? Almost everything I read these days is pointing to one of 2 things, those are either: praise of our corporate and financial masters, or an utter moral and mental breakdown.

Hegemony, fear-mongering, self-righteousness, tune out, turn off, drop drool, intolerance, ultimatums, and fear-mongering (no I'm not drunk and repeating myself... Undetectable liquid explosives that turn your clothes into explosives once dried?!!!! Give me a break) are the order of the day every day and when you think otherwise you must be some nutbag. Maybe you haven't realized that popularity is easily bought, therefore, the same must also be true of democracy. Nothing says more about a 'cause' than having massive crowds gathered in support, and don't worry, the billing service is discreetly hidden as spa treatments.

Who thinks up these solutions anyway? I don't think their elevator reaches the top floors... Maybe you can eliminate the threat of internal leaks by turning those who built the network for you into an external threat, but you haven't eliminated the threat, nor even reduced it... No, now you've alienated people who were likely good at their job as punishment for what somebody else did in hopes that they will plod merrily along going about their lives in a completely beleaguered and gutted job market. Good luck with that... These people will probably find very good employment opportunities in China or Iran or whomever else is supposed to be the enemy of the day as Sysadmins, as they certainly have very good credentials on their resumé.


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