Sunday, 24 February 2013

Urban Decay

If it's not painfully obvious yet, this image might help clarify things... This is not some natural disaster at work. This is the city that the automotive industry built, then forgot about: Detroit... Looks like Robocop got this part of the future right. Detroit had a peak population of 1.8 million in 1950, which 60 years later has fallen more than 50% to 713 777 by 2010. This street is not some isolated situation either. Try it yourself, take a google streetview tour of urban decay.

I'm sure this was once a thriving neighbourhood, otherwise why would there be this many access routes
Now lets focus on that rubble pile in the center of that:
Somebody lived here... A long time ago
Sadly, I don't even have to travel that far from home to see these kinds of images

Of course it's not as bad Around Montreal as in Detroit, and we appear to be gentrifying dilapidated commercial and industrial areas by converting everything to Condominiums. But Has anyone ever asked, Where do all these people buying condominiums work?
Dave don't work here anymore, man!


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