Monday, 14 November 2011

Walking the Razors Edge

Darkness approaches. I can hear it in my dreams.

A vision came to me many years ago that I would witness a time of great chaos. I never really knew what that meant. I also never saw it end, better nor worse, just no end at all. I never really understood what that meant either.

Yet here we are, standing on the precipice of a global revolt. Awakened to the startling reality that we are ignorant of our world and at fault for trusting those who willingly lied to us. It's haunting in it's familiarity even if only on a vaguely subconscious level, and again, I don't know what it means. All I've learned to do is ask the questions that few deign to ask, and to point out when those questions have not sufficiently been answered.

All I know is that the lie feels wrong and uncomfortable and initially only on a barely perceptible level, but once examined closely the more obviously flawed it becomes. Further to that end the exposure of the lie reveals that it's propagation is founded upon another lie, and further down ad infinitum until there is simply nothing of any real substance left. A house of cards built on a foundation of lies in a mirage of sanctity.

Have I wasted my time asking the wrong questions? or simply the wrong people? Have I protested the magician too quietly for anyone else to notice that i was on to him? Have I misread the vision? I've been called out on my beliefs and stood my ground while not turning my back on the wisdom of others. I've never claimed to always be right in most matters, but my gut feeling is usually proven to be correct.

A vision came to me today, but I found myself too busy gasping for air to try to remember what it was. But I think I might know what it meant.


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